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Two threads in one, I got lost, I's confused. I like it. lol

I posted this there here there now here.

Thats why I didnt call it copperhead - I didnt remember the pelt(copperhead). duh!

If its any consolation its always been with pelts.

Hell I'm sitting in the floor, I got this pile of MK out going huh, that dont make sense -


I thought it was a pelt.

Hey but now.. I got some Marble King questions. LOL

muches thanks, David

Peltier Copperhead damnitman

I see Mig, hell of a marble.

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David, the pelt so called "Woodies" are a white to off white base with deffinite yellow and brown in it. Now this may vary quite extensivly on the color combinations and the one you posted could be classed in the Woody type family. There are mmany many types of these from all i have seen. Chuck G--

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