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Finally Snagged One


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Hi well I would think it is a new marble. A lot of artist and for sure Scott made a few along with Mike Edmondson for sure Mike and Scott for sure tried oxblood cullet but was to dirty and left holes and other issues like on your marble and just hard to work with , they then went to old bricks as that worked good .

Mike Edmondson did use a signature chip on some ?

Then as far as oxblood Mike Petura mad his own .

I think just to much white to be old also .

but what ever this is a nice looking marble will look great in a collection . Mike

here are the bricks that would have been used instead of cullet .


more bricks


here are some cullet bricks



Mike Edmondson oxblood did some with cullet I just do not have any . these are from beat up bricks





a few of Mike Petura he made his own oxblood when he made these for me look at the one with an M .




now for a few from Scott might see some resemblance to your marble ??






this is what every one wants to copy ??


well what ever it is a very pretty marble Mike

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Thanks for the education. I shoulda known better after all this time but my brain is getting lazy. The seller has already refunded my money. It's good to have the Scott Patrick ones to compare to, thanks Mike. It's a pretty marble but not worth my bid if it's new, IMO. I really don't collect contemporaries.

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Sometimes it isn't a point about respect of signing or engraving a contemporary marble - in my case, I have lost my fine motor skills to sign one. I tried several times and it looks as if an overactive 1st grader ate too much candy and ruins the marble when trying to sign/engrave it...lol

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Hey Rich, why don't you sign with something even more simple than initials, such as an X or an O and nothing else. Louis Comfort Tiffany used to sign his 'Favrile' glass that wasn't for sale with an X and he used an O if it was intended as a gift. No siggy, just an X or an O. Hard to screw up an X.

And Derrick, OMG what a beautiful brick collection. It is really coming along very well! :jumping-1020:

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