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Periodic Update On Youhave2Bid2Win's Progress


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Never did like the bennies anyway, but his is just wrong in all kinds of ways. Check out the brand-spanking newly-made snowy-white clay exposed where they broke them apart after firing. Hey Steph, are these the same crooks we caught buying all the ingredients needed to make these off the bay a couple of years back? And they denied the whole time why they were buying large bulk glazes and colors and clay needed for these? Pre-1970's my ass. If everyone on this board reported them at the same exact time every week, might get some attention. I'm feeling a little cynical myself, but it is time to take a stand for the hobbies' sake. How many of you would be on board for some finger-pointing and button-pushing? Hmm?

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Yes, these are the same folks, Roger. The eagle bennie people.

I don't think ebay cares. Might require tests to prove they're new. I'm not aware of anyone in the know who ever made a purchase.

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Most probably wouldn't admit it if they did. ;)

They're selling alright.

It's like zeroing in on a meth lab. >>>There it is!!!>>>

Yet we sit and watch and worry somewhat about the people taken to the cleaners.

I guess I just feel sorry for them, the people taken to the cleaners, especially in this economy.

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LOL. It appears we've uncovered another one of the ID's the Birchfield consortium is using to distribute and/or acquire their product.

Were we aware of the 2muchstuff4me2buy ID before? I don't remember it among the list of Birchfield ID's we already knew about. But hey, they've made it easier to remember now. On June 30 they changed it to marbleconnection!


It wouldn't be the first name tribute they've made. Once when they were p.o.-ed at Pete they registered Land0fMarbles as an ID, with a zero instead of an Oh. Since Pete had LandOfMarbles legally protected ebay scrubbed that name.

So here are a couple of their listings for you to enjoy.



Hey, look! They finally admitted the marbles are modern! Well, how about that!

1970-Now > Hand Made

The item description is now "ANTIQUE VINTAGE STYLE CLAY MARBLES OLD BENNINGTON TOY LOT". They added "STYLE" to the keyword bonanza in the old description. (Version from the other account: VINTAGE MARBLES ANTIQUE TOY OLD BENNINGTON CLAY LOT)

And one of their photos for posterity ....


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