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Ric,most of the 2 seam Ger.slags have indeed straight stripes running from one seam to the other.

IMO these are the younger types.

I think your brown one is older.

Galen,I could be wrong but i think these 2 seam ger.slags have loopings and some of them have their seams closed.



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I call the transparent marbles with white only on the surface slags. To be a striped transparent there should be a color striping other than white IMO. Why these started getting called striped transparents is beyond me. There are many CAC slags with all the white on the surface.

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Striped transparent seems to describe them well. They have stripes, and are transparent. More than one color is never present in this style marbles. They have an obvious pattern to them that was put there on purpose, unlike slags whose patterns are almost always random, with a few exceptions. The problem is that both names are already used for another style marble and makes it confusing. I like to call them German striped transparents. Ahh, naming marbles, everyone has an opinion! :rolleye-842:

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Not as nice as Galen's striped transp,here's another one.

About the 2 seam slags,i think they're made in a long period of time.

They are so very different from each other,not only the glass differ (good quality glass and lesser) but also the pattern.



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German striped transparent sounds good to me. Slag glass was around before the term was used for marbles, to me it makes sense that the slag marbles should resemble slag glass

These 3 pics would call striped transparent




and this one German slags


All of them pre WW2

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