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Do You Have One Marble That Is Considered Your Favorite?

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Do YOU have a favorite, Randy? :)

If I had to leave the house in a hurry and could only take one box with me, the marble I'd be saving would be a tiny Peltier rainbo in with the Cracker Jack toys I keep in memory of my mother. ( : Don't know if it's my "favorite", but it's the one which first popped into my head when I saw your question.

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Not the rarest marble in my collection, or the most valuable, but this is the one I would take if I had to give the rest up. It was my Dad's. He bought it about 40 years ago. Supposedly it was plowed up in a field. It's been pictured in a couple of the books. He gave it to me about 3 or 4 years ago.

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Kind of like asking which is your favorite child ....lol

Although with marbles It depends on which day of the week it is:-)

The first one ....Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The second one Tuesday and Thursday.

The third one Sunday.


M/W/F 13/16" MFC Multi Colored Transparent with oxblood


T/Th 31/32" MFC gun metal paver ... MFC Mossagate




Sun. 5/8" C.A. Striped Opaque


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