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Anyone Have Any Good 9-And-Tail Pix?


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The more I'm seeing, the more I'm starting to realize, there are lots of people who don't know what they are talking about, trying to sell marbles to people who don't know what they are doing...like me!!

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Georgeous pics!!!! Helps newbies to learn. Thanks eveyone.

With all these pics to look at, It begs the question,

Nine and tails can take on both a very defined as well as somewhat of a deformed state correct?

And not all will have pontil marks since it is a trait of more than one company from different decades ???? Help--?

Do any newer or existing companies ever replicate the 9 and tail?

Thanks for ant expertise input!

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Flyball,you are correct not all have very defined 9 and tails,correct again on your second question,not all have visible cut off marks (pontils).

They have been made in different countries during a long time periode.I've read somewhere that they are actually the first glass marbles ever made,

I don't know if thats true,i wasn't there.

They have been made untill about 1950.


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