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This Slag Or That Slag??

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Also, in general the "sides" of the Germans exhibit straight lines running from seam to seam, as opposed to the shallow horizontal "S" shape formed on the CACs. I wish I had a comparative photo. Maybe Galen has one?

And as zaboo says, it's also in the glass. The Germans are made with lesser-quality glass than the CACs, which is usually apparent when you put them side by side for comparison. Not necessarily an ID point, but something to keep in mind is -- because of this poorer (and "softer") glass, the Germans are much more likely to exhibit damage (hits, chips, scratching, etc.) than CACs.

And it's much easier to find large Germans than large CAC slags.

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Sorry,I don't want to argue with all of you,and i do not feel the need to defend German marbles,but what i read in previous posts,i can not agree with.

Germany has made many different 2.seam slag type's,you can hardly imagine,regularly i come across new type's 2.seam slags.

Good quality glass and less quality.

Straight lines from seam to seam and swirling lines from seam to seam.

Gaps between the seams and closed seams.

2 seam slags and 1 seam slags.

Hopefully these pic- will give an idea of the different 2.seam slags made in Germany.




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Winnie, those are fantastic! I guess I should say that what I said up there ^^^ applies only / mainly with the ones usually found here. Which are not many, unfortunately. There are some in the first two pictures that you posted that could give me some trouble!

So I guess you should send them all to me so I can study them more closely. Just for a little while.

Do any of yours light up under black (UV) light? I have a bright green one that does, and it's been moving back and forth between my CAC and Euro examples. I don't know what the heck it is, beyond the fact that it has straight lines from seam to seam. And it's pretty.

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A Striped Transparent has color striping other than white. The name was erroneously used for German slags and it stuck(wrongly IMO)

The German slags may show a looping and sometimes even some twisting but the very rarely (if ever) will show the S between seams on one side often found on CACs. And while the transparent glass can be quite nice it usually does not have the pure clean look of colored water that CACs often exhibit.

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Steph,What do you mean,CAC or German str.tr?

Ann,They don't glow under blacklight,does some of the CAC slags glow?

I think the difficulty to describe the German 2 seam slags and why they are so different from each other is,there was not a constant factor in the manufacturing process during the time in which they were created.

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Those are beautiful Galen,i like them very much.

Here's one of my German fav- it's 15/16.I think it has a S between the seams,what do you think?



I think it has an S between the seams too. Shucks.

It's a beauty, Winnie. Wouldn't mind having yours either, Galen.

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