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Newbie Mistake Nostalgia


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Jabos got me into this mess too, Bob. I bought them and liked them and then someone told me they weren't the kinds of marble which marble collectors wanted .... so I had to figure out what I was missing .....

I remember when everything that was not a cat-eye was a CAC in my eyes. And boy do I miss the days when beat up marbles made me smile. ;)

That was a more innocent time, wasn't it.

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Your stick figure is a muscular teddy bear in a track suit, running in a left to right direction.

I didn't use to mind a little damage, or a blow hole, if it wasn't on the marble's 'good side'.

But I guess I have to admit to myself that that's no longer true.

I still think nice old shooters are great when they're appropriately 'beat up'.

Makes them more distinguished in my opinion. ( :


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I think my worst newbie mistake was paying a seller too much for a damaged marble when the sellers would say, "Buy this one now and than replace it when you find a nice one. you can then sell the once with the chip". That never worked for me. I always ended up giving the chipped one away. No one wanted to buy it. I should have waited for the nice one I always eventually found.

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Yes, newbie mica! I had a horribly damaged marble, like a solid layer of damage around the outside. Wanted that to be mica.

At least you still had a cool marble left over after you found out it wasn't mica. :)

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