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What Do You Do With Your Terribly Beat Up Or Very Very Common Marbles?


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I hate to just toss them away they are still pretty !!!! So I made a few things. The "gazing" balls are on old bowling balls and the end table had a very moisture damaged top that was found at a garage sale for like 2 bucks. I used silicone seal on the balls and that acrylic stuff you mix together that hardens on the end table. The gazing ball has been in my yard over 2 years now,,,spring summer fall and winter and has not lost one marble!! I have a few other projects I have done I will post later,,,I'd sure like to see and or read about other things members have done,,,*hint hint* :):):rolleyes::rolleyes:




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I gave 75lbs of them to my neighbor who is an artist. She carefully sorted them all by colors and patterns and will use them in future art projects. Prior to that my kids and their friends loved to bury their feet in the bin. I tried selling them on eBay by stuffing 25lbs or so in USPS medium flat rate boxes. I was getting like $35 for those. I still don't know how the other sellers manage to sell small beat up lots for so much money.

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Darla,I like that large ball!!

Thats a good question,i think i get too many marbles,i really have to clean up.

I use to give them to my grandsons and their freinds,but they are too old now to play with marbles.

The nice vintage beat up i use to put in jars,they are full and i don't want more jars.

When i start to collect i love all the vintage marbles they were all special for me,i have to admit my taste changed in the years,i don't need boxes full of the same common marbles.

So i'm going to think carefully what i really want.What makes it a little different is that i love so many different marble type's made by different companies.

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So far every time I get enough of them that I'm wondering what to do with them, someone who is new at collecting comes along with a desire to grab all the old marbles they can get for learning, so I give them away to people like that.

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Cool gazing ball!

What kind of glue did you use to withstand the elements?

Sounds like Darla used an epoxy glue.

"Shoe Goo", sold in hardware stores, has become my go-to glue, although not tried on marbles yet.

I'd roughen the surface of the ball and stick the marble's damaged side down to give the glue something to grip onto.

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