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Superman's Vs. Superboys?


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I am struggling to tell the difference. I believe it is a superboy when it's red on the yellow and superman when the ribbons are distinct for each color. However I keep seeing pictures of similar marbles labeled as both

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sclsu, here is my take on them and some may dissagree, talking "peltiers" only!!

"Superboy"--a varient shades of blue base with swirls and or ribbons of reddish (red to burnt red), some may contain tracer colors (shades of darker) along the reddish color. (NO) yellow, plus a little blending and possible av added

"Superman"--a varient shades of blue base with swirls or ribbons of reddish and yellow, (some blending of the two colors possible) but most prefer the seperation of the two colors, some examples may contain av also.

Now some collectors have added another example called the "Superteen". I will be continuing studying this example to actually see where it lies in their production of marbles. If anyone has this example please post a photo of it or what they may consider this example. Making marble ids simple and easy is the goal we want. Chuck G--

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sclsu, you are very correct on the superhero part, can get very confusing. Unless i am wrong the "Spiderman" is in the MK era. Maybe this will help.

Peltier Marble King

Superman------------------Boyscout (blending)


Green Lantern-------------Green Hornet







This is a real quick list and some may disagree and have other names for them as i listed. Superhero names due cross-over to other makers. It can be very confusing to new collectors. Chuck G--

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I thought that Spidermen were red and blue, Supermen were red and blue and yellow (and can have orange, too), and Superboys were red and blue with some orange (but not yellow).

So it's the addition of yellow and / or orange that makes the difference?

Or is it an NLR thing, too? . . . a NLR that's red / blue / yellow / (and/or orange) is a Superman. But a Rainbo that has the same color scheme is just a Superboy?

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Here are some classic examples of the Spiderman, Superboy and Superman. All NLRs. All on a blue opaque base. Spiderman has red ribbons, Superboy has orange ribbons, Superman has red and yellow ribbons. Of course there are many variations to the bases and ribbons not shown here. Some will have aventurine too if you get lucky.


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Thanks, Dave!

Never really had a 'handle' on these names.

Although I'm sure 'subtle variation' distinction problems will always come up,

seeing this well-done and 'clean-cut' graphic example was very important to me! ( :

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