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Akro Tri-Color Agates


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I used to have a folder full of pix of tri-color agate boxes. I couldn't get enough of 'em. But then one day I damaged the back-up disk with all my S folders and T folders on it. And all my beautiful Tri-Color Agates box pix were gone. *sniff*

I have many back but not in a central location. This box pic came from George. And I'm sure I have more from him. Gotta gather 'em together.

And if any of you have box pix I would love to see 'em. Or pix of individuals to show the details (and beauty :)).

Whether the patch or the cork kind ... I'm interested in both.


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I happen to think this week,it would be a good idea to have a thread about Akro patches.

It would be good to learn grrrr,it could well be that there're Akro patches between my Asian patches,who knows,

although I wonder whether I ever going to see the difference,the longer I look at them,the more they seem the same to me.

Here're my savings.




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Thank you, Winnie! Thought it could help someone one. And fun to see your stash.

Bob, no distinction. When the salesman box was first employed, there was a distinction between the marbles in those two compartments, but this is a box from the 1930's with what I think is a marble selection from the 1940's. And the 1940's people covered up the original labels and had to fill 'em with Akro's more limited selection. ... is how I think it went.

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Thanks for the historically interesting and very logical explanation!

And thanks to you, Winnie, for even more pain! They sure are spectacular!

Would you tell us what the 'range' of sizes is here? ( :

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Well, there is a Vitro Tiger Eye on the left.

Since it is a Tri-Color box, the patches with the white base and the two (or more) colored ribbons fit in the box. So yes, most of the current contents do belong.

Could be that Moss Agates were put into the box at the factory for some odd reason, but they don't match the label.

Tri-Color agates could also be three-color corks but obviously that's not your box.

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Good eye..thanks..will remove

I am not sure about the moss agates,they look and feel as dirty as the tri colors.i didn't photograph the inside of the box,lots of indentations on the top and bottom box and the dividers..so thinking it's been this way for awhile.

Maybe someone else will have more info..thanks for the help

It's a number 0 box if that helps any

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