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ID help please - CAC Cyclone/Cobra or fake?

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I'm still relatively new, so for me "lots" of "higher-value" means a dozen $50+ each.  

Here are a few larger photos in case it helps - including a sad photo of the side with damage. It does have yellow, orange, black and a greenish-tinted white.  Does the whitish color tip in in CAC favor or could still be Vacor?

Also, it is 0.56-0.58 inches depending on where I measure (not on the chip) if that makes a difference.



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At that size I'd rule out Vacor Atmosphere (knowing the size is a good way to narrow down possibilities).  Does have similar colors/size to a Vacor Sunflower, although I haven't seen an example with white.  Pattern looks like it could be CAC.  I'll sit back on the sidelines and see what the people more familiar with these have to say.

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11 hours ago, dannyboy said:

Appears it has them all, I just can't be sure about the cut line.

The 9 o'clock must have been a reflection.  I can't locate a second seam even with a loupe.  

There is an interesting sharp cut off in the last black fleck (see below) which seems to extend beyond the fleck with a barely noticeable change in the glass to the left, but I wouldn't think it is a seam.  It is odd how the fleck is stretched at one angle (see 1st pic of additional photos) but a straight line at another angle.  Would a dealer be able to confirm if I took it to a show?  Being in FL there's no place I know to get an expert opinion.  


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On 12/2/2019 at 4:15 PM, dannyboy said:

Is that bubbles in the glass or damage?

There are small bubbles in the glass, but second to last set of pictures is surface damage.

I think I've figured something out - see if this makes sense: it appears to me to be a CAC cyclone that has been damaged and polished.  I noticed a somewhat slippery feel to the marble and much of the surface pits are rounded and smooth rather than sharp like I have seen on other marbles.

Can polishing make detection of the seam more difficult?  

In any case, I appreciate all the feedback.  Time for me to move on to other puzzles!

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