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 No !! I'm so glad you asked before you threw your marbles into a tumbler to a certain doom, along with being etched by the abrasive, the marbles will hit and bang together, further destroying them. "Never" use a rock polisher or tumbler on marbles, it will almost instantly ruin the surface. Instead of leaving it shiny like a rock it etches the glass giving it a rough "sea glass" like feel and appearance rendering the marble completely worthless. Good old fashioned elbow grease, a little soaking in water using a "non abrasive" soap & a brush will do miracles, maybe a couple times around but usually one good cleaning will do the trick. There are several different methods people use, a non abrasive soap & water is just one way.

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I would never put my marbles in a dishwasher. I have hard water and the drinking glasses get etched all the time. I soak mine overnight or longer in glass cleaner with an ammonia base. I buy it concentrated so it must be diluted. Cheaper and just as good if not better than the premade stuff.

I have found a few "filled marbles" this way. Folks have been known to fill the imperfections with a variety of glass repair products over the years and the ammonia flushes these out rather well.

I have always thought of getting an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner to take rust spots off. Will they work for this??


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I put the marbles in a plastic container or baggie with water and Dawn detergent. I know some will probably cringe at the baggie, but after soaking for a few hours to overnight, I open a sliver of the ziplock and pour out the dirty water. Then I put the marbles in a plastic plant pot with holes and rinse, put them on a terry towel, wipe individually with a soft cloth or towel and they are sparkling again!

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