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Slags & Swirls Saturday!!


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3 minutes ago, Dave 13 said:

I like what you did there with the colours on the cube and your Slags William👍 .My brain 🤯 could never figure out Rubik's Cube that fast ,my older brother is really good at it 


Lol good one William i suggest putting some CAC cullet out for that owl 🦉to munch on 😎

Another thing I'm sure everyone has noticed...our dog Uno has had this thing about photo bombing me lately!

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Three pee-wee Pelts for this "Slags & Swirls Saturday" a Wolverine, a Mustard & Relish, AKA (Sunflower) and a transparent Christmas tree. The Mustard & Relish is way below the .50" pee-wee mark as well as the other two.


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