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Master sparkler or MK?


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1 minute ago, Fire1981 said:

I think you’re on the right track. Master didn’t make Sparkler only Akro. This might be a really cool Cats Eye like you said🔥


Especially with the 4 vanes in the correct order for the old St. Mary's-

Blue across from green and red across from yellow. 

I've messaged the seller for more info.

5 minutes ago, Ric said:

I think Master didn't make Sparklers and that this isn't a Sunburst either - looks newer to me, maybe Marble King.

Looks MK to me too

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1 hour ago, Alan said:

Prob MK, but please view the use of the word "Experimental" with great doubt for 99% of it's use.  Ditto for the people using it with the sole intent to empty your wallet.

Excellent point! I have no intention of purchasing this marble and was more interested in it's true ID. Always learning! And my friends here on the forum have saved me from over paying on junk so many times. Much love!!

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