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I Got Marble Mail Today, The Best Ever......


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Wow...looks great! That was some good luck you had, I hope the rest of the marbles are just as good. I bought some a little while ago and the person I bought them from was very kind and sent some extra marbles not even listed that I liked bunches better then the ones I bought...go figure, I'm lovin' this hobby!


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It was an Ebay estate find sale, the lot contained 300 marbles, mainly more common ones, but it did have this and teh others I posted, plus acouple of more I am going to show in a few. The pics they listed just showed the commons mainly, but I saw the possibilty of the guinea in a corner of one pic. After I won I was kinda pissed because I didnt check the shipping cost, They charged me 28.00 shipping, but I paid and hoped what I saw was right.........Well I am glad I paid...Jay

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Man.........I was EYE-BALL'N those auctions.

They had about 4-5 seperate groups like that

listed. I kinda lost interest think they were

just a bunch of " COMMONS " !!!!!!!..... <_<

BUT MAN............what a " SLEEPER SCORE "

Did you check your PULSE once you

realized IT WAS FOR REAL !!!!!!!!


$28.00 for shipping.........NO PROBLEM !!!!

I gotta go with " SCORE OF THE YEAR " on this one !!!

RAR.......RIGHT ON JAY !!!!!

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Guest marbleus1

You talk'n to me! You talk'n to...................oh you were talk'n to him.

say hello to my little friend................$350.00 and a guinea.


The plan has always been to build a collection by buying low selling high (nobody else is on that plan are they?) Keeping the best and rarist, sometimes selling the very very good. I have regretably sold a small number that should not have been and regret it often. This is one of that kind.

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Hey Scott I only see one cut line on this one, which is better?

Thanks everyone for the comments. I think I found one for my avatar, if I can figure out how to do it.

Hey Jay, the single cut lines are a lot better, on all CA marbles! I do not know what the percentage factors are, but will guess it's at least 15 to 1.

Bill, Ken, Galen, how many double cut line CA's do you find, before finding a single cut line CA?

Jay your Guinea is a book quality marble, worthy of anyone's avatar! It's the kind of marble I call an exceptional example of the type! Again congratulations!


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Scott, I have estimated the single to double cut as high as 40 to 1. that would be the high end for sure. Bocci, I am an old horse trader someone has to work at it if they want to find out my highest offer. And believe me it would be a lot higher than 300 and another guinea(LOL). heck I have had them try and toss me out of a car dealership and ended up getting a Brand new car for 2/3rds the sticker. I even work em for deals at Sears. Peace,Galen

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In answer to request, among my guineas that have pretty much complete coverage, 5 out of 44 have just one seam. Among the striped opaques, 5 of 160 have one seam, it seems. My eye is not the best. Les Jones could find seams where I just saw plain old marble. I miss Les.

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  • 2 years later...

Sat. 4-11-'09 7PM

Makes you wonder where this Guinea is today. The finds you live for! I also wonder just how many people get this far through the pages to

take a gander at wonderful marble stories like this one. I must admit I have not been going from Pg. 1 thru Pg. 106. I skipped to the end and

spotted it and was curious. I know it would take quite a bit of time but there are so many posts/threads that are dated and not really any help

now or the photographs have been dropped for one reason or another and are similiarly useless.....these need to be dropped. Maybe it's

happening regularly and I just don't know but I look at that daunting number of pages and don't see how I could ever tackle it in any reasonable

manner. Any thoughts on this? David Chamberlain

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