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Mostly Pix - Vitro

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A lot of pix. Sources provided when I remember them.

(click pix to enlarge)

Note: There are many other pix in the links here:

And a treasure trove here:

Vitro Agate , Marbles And A Little History

The sequel ;-):

"the" Vitro Thread ! ( Part Deux ;-) Value, Rarity & Names

Oh yeah, this has some lovely pix also, from a 1938 ad someone sent me.

Vienna Vitros !!!

Many of these are from Marblealan auctions:

60 Vitro Agates:

th_60VitroAgates_marblealan.jpg th_60VitroAgates_marblealan_b.jpg th_60VitroAgates_marblealan_c.jpg th_60VitroAgates_marblealan_d.jpg

30 Vitro Agates:


Vitro's Victory Agates:


Vitro Conquerors:


Agates, 5 of them, 5/8" to 21/32":


Looks like a stock box. No identifying marks. Posted by Nancy at LOM. Boxes like this are shown under the name "Tri-Lite Marbles" in an early Vitro brochure.



"More Or Less 100 Vitro Agates". If I understand correctly this box was filled in Vienna. It says Parkersburg because that was Vitro's mailing address even when the factory was in Vienna.



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(click pix to enlarge)

Vitro Shooters

Mesh bag:




The seller said about an inch. When asked for particulars he said, "I Measured a couple loose ones with my calipers and one was .985 inches and the other .995 inches so I would say they are 1 inch marbles."

The seller is baam!!, with 2 exclamation points. I can't leave a link to his ebay sales page. The exclamation points are messing up the html code for some reason.

Are these shooters?


Poly bags:


(source for bag on left)

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No. 6 Shooters. This style box can be seen in a 1954 Tiger-Eyes Ad.

(click to enlarge)


No. 1 "Shooters". No. 1 is typically 5/8" mibs. <-- edit: why did I say that? Is that right?


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No. 1 Shooters

post-279-1193608788_thumb.jpg post-279-1193608794_thumb.jpg post-279-1193608801_thumb.jpg

(from eBay auction)

This box sleeved box of No. 1 Shooters doesn't say Vitro on it anywhere, according to the seller.


"Everyone" knows what the contents look like! (LOL) but these are some nice pix newbies might appreciate:

post-279-1203828670_thumb.jpg post-279-1203828675_thumb.jpg

(click to enlarge)


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(click pix to enlarge)

Tom Sawyer marbles. Appear to be Vitro.

th_d765_1.jpg th_d6a7_1.jpg

I don't recall the name of the seller.

Here's a note which a user calling himself "Elder CFO" posted at LOM in May 2007, in response to a 2002 question about the bag. He apparently was on a search for them and found the link to the old LOM thread.

Yes, it is the real thing.

This bag of marbles was a premium given away by Elder Manufacturing Company of St. Louis, a maker of boys clothing.

I am not sure of the date, but I have been trying to obtain a bag of these marbles for our Corporate Collection of company memoribilia.

Here's the current Elder site: http://www.elderwearwecare.com/.

Here's what looks like a pre-1964 ad from their history page. It features an even older ad ... from a 1919 Saturday Evening Post.


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Someone asked me what a Buttermilk looked like.

First of all it is a tri-lite. And here's the description from Chuck B.'s article in the WVMCC newsletter, Issue #15, June 2006.

Buttermilks have a red band on one side, a parallel red/blue band on the other side and a translucent buttermilk yellow base, sometimes with white. Buttermilks vary considerably in color and design. The blue sometimes darkens toward indigo, especially on the shooters. The smaller buttermilks tend to have ribbons and many of the shooters swirl significantly.

Here are some photos which have been shown at various times.

A classic design posted by Duffy:


Two posted by Mary M. Guy and Randy both said the black ribbons were okay.


A shooter sold by Alan:






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Tiger Eye bag. Containing Whities. (right?) Pic posted some time ago by Al.

(click to enlarge)


Apologies for my first Whities pic being sort of a nontraditional style. Had the pic out for another thread and figured I'd add it while I was thinking about it.

mental note: add more whities and blackies and other standards.

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Here's the classic pic which has been shown in several threads. (taken by Bob B.)


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Had trouble finding a pic of some basic all-reds. So here they are. Next time I won't! Ebay auction pic.


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Edit: That was for the Easter Eggs. I don't know what to say about the Superiors! Except wonderful pics!!! Those are wild.

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Not officially Vitro, but filled with Vitros. Circa 1950's.


(Don Miller's)

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