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Many people have a fondness for them. However, they're not generally worth more than a few cents apiece unless they have nice color combos. And when they're mixed in with vintage lots they can actually suppress the bidding on the lot.

When they have more than one color in the vanes they are called hybrids. Some hybrids or some with certain numbers of vanes or some with bases which are a different color (e.g. blue) can bring more ... or of course when they're in the original packaging that's also good.

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Would this be an aquamilk with oxblood? If so, wouldn't it be an aquablood? I've searched around and really can't find a comparable...maybe I overlooked it. It came with another that I will dig out of image files sometime this weekend...and its ox has more convincing black and red variegated ox-like stripe, but it is in rougher condition. I'm really not trying to start a flamewar over true and not true oxblood either (lively debate happened here some time ago), just wanted to share and see what experience anyone might have with these. Also don't need a lesson, please, in the re-dox reaction that makes this, and the variation in the outcome depending a wide variety of parameters...or whether intentional or an accident. The glass did what the glass did...all intentions of manufacture aside.

And I suppose too, it might not be an aquamilk either, but, since this is at least a tri-lite, maybe it would be a tri-ox. Who knows!? Just thought I'd share and see what you all think (also don't like the pictures...might have to do again). Thanks for your contribution. john



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Looks like an Aquamilk but I can't tell very well from the pics whether its oxblood or not. Aquamarines with oxblood are out there though so I imagine it's possible.



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