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So this marble is interesting and proves the proposition that even extremely common mibs like Vitro's Conquerors can come in unusually marked variant/weirdo-types provided you look for them.  This one is not just your ordinary Conqueror either: This appears to a blue one (really textured), and has a bold chalkie 'V' to boot!  This for a small bag of 20 for two bucks earlier today!  There were other green based ones with chalk in the lot too...this one, the best marked. John


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I looked at it before I read the description and I was oohing and aahing at how aquatic the pictures look.


The chalkie V is silvery on my screen.  Is it silvery in hand?


Where is the green in the picture coming from?  Inside? Neighboring marble? 

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It really looks green in-hand, and only at an angle, right next to the blue, is there any hint of clear-ish glass...but still with a green tinge. The green is a bit darker due to a flat black background I used on the photos. Back lit with a flashlight gives green. Can't tell if there is a thin veneer of green at the bottom, and it just kicks into the glass, but it really doesn't seem so.  Yes,  I looked again, and the that chalk is light and dark and silvery in places.  John

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8 hours ago, Steph said:


(I actually love clearies.  And they were a big seller for Vitro back in the day.)

Yes - it's easy to dismiss clearies and cats eyes but they were very popular with buyers.

...and on the subject of Cats Eyes:

vitro cats1.jpg

I'll keep these in the packet. Early cage type with varying numbers of filaments, some coloured on white and some solid coloured. On the next shot you can just make out in the centre of the pack a single thread yellow one - could be confused with a deliberate 'banana':

vitro cats2.jpg

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