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Mostly Pix - Vitro


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Not really any crazy story on it Steph other than they were cheap, someone listed them for sale on ebay BIN and I grabbed them, amazed that nobody else beat me to it. There were a ton of Masters and other nice Vitros with them. I found lots of yellow brushed patch masters in the lot too and yellow brushed patches are HTF. 

Thanks Stephen! Some I wasn't familiar with either. 

Here are some other vitros from the lot and a group shot of the Masters (couple champions mixed in) just because they were all in the same lot and I think they help lend a hint as to the time frame of the Vitros. Pretty sure these marbles have been stored together since they were new. Almost all are dead mint other than as mades and virtually unplayed with. 










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Elite Tri-Lites . . .



Also, I finally went through the thread and repaired the photo links in my earlier posts since they were all broken. 🙂

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