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Thanks. The picture in Post #6 would have done it for me. As much as I read, things can blur a bit and I forget where I read them. So when I want to doublecheck, I can't find them.

That's why I started these thread lists to begin with!

Now I need to go back and reread all of the links!

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In the end my friend decided to hang on to that one (above) for now.  And who could blame that position?  I would too.  I was interested in the mib above because it seemed a bit more blue-green than the two examples I have (they were wild caught examples in a quart jar for $20...both had rust, but were in great condition overall).  I wonder out loud if the marble above could also be CAC?  I have been unable to confirm the entire pallet of opaques that CAC might have produced. Here is one of the two I have, and that I feel very confident are MFC Imperial Jade....the settings on both of the photographs were the same.  John

MFCImperialJade2 copy.jpg

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