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1 hour ago, Steph said:


Yes they are cool.  I'm still not that familiar with the ones with so much white in them.

Me either in fact I thought they were CAC until I showed them to a couple of people at the Des Moines show.

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4 minutes ago, Steph said:



I think Japanese. 

But you don't have to remove ... I find the occasional "contrast" photo helpful.  

Thanks the cut line at the top looked good for MFC. Is it the 'spider's web' at the bottom that has you wondering?

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14 minutes ago, Bobbo said:

Anyone ever seen a red MFC slag termed an American Carnelian? 


Close.  But not slags.  And a different spelling.  

MFC's red marbles were oxblood.  The marbles that we would now call a "brick"

MFC called them American Cornelian.  


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