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Mostly Pix - Cairo Novelty


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Cairo novelty ... don't have many pix of those.

Here's a screenshot of thumbnails of dug ones from Alan's archived Cairo page. Most of the larger versions are available at the archive, plus there are a few more examples which didn't fit in the screen shot, plus historical information of course.


And here's David Chamberlain's Cairo article at Marble Mental, Cairo Novelty Company, Cairo, WV (1946-1952)

More: My new Cairo novelties


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Here's a post rescued from an expired thread about a certain colorful Cairo swirl. It sure is pretty.

Here are some pics of a few of the S. orgs. that i have . As you can see, they tend to have lots of bubbles and are swirlly red and some white in a clear base. Peltier sunsets are S. Org, wanna bees. I've dug lots of Cairo's and I want people to see more of them, so I'll be posting more after i charge my batteries. They made some kewl mibs and They deserve more recognition!!!





Here's one of Backacres S. org. close-ups from a couple of days before that, another one he dug. This one was large, 13/16". He said it was the biggest one he'd ever found.


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