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Any Collectors Of Kokomo Marbles?


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Very similar construction indeed. I just pulled out my Vitro Whities and I cannot see any difference in construction between them and the picture above. I have two with bands of the same green, one of which has light aventurine. The one without aventurine even has the same little yellow ribbon at the edge of the green band.

I have noticed that there are two types of (what I have been calling and buying as) Whities. One type is opaque white, as above, with an equatorial colored ribbon or band. The second type is clear-based with a white surface and a colored equatorial band. Often there are gaps in the white surface and one can see into the clear interior of this type. Perhaps some of these marbles are Kokomos and I just don't know the difference, but the opaque- vs. clear-base is the only difference apparent to me.

Would Peltier machines produce marbles with Vitro construction? Am I a closet Kokomo collector?


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There's been discussion about Kokomo marbles in the past.... It's been a while since they were brought up.... Possibly, prior to this board host...

Hey Steph, do you have a link to the earlier version of the connection?? I believe it was an EZboard forum... We changed over when EZ had a major hack / crash. It's "out there" on the web. Once in a while, I run across it.

............Shoot me for not paying as much attention to discussions about machine made marbles as I should.......... :blush:

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Here's the most recent thing I know of on Kokomos at this board, Aruba, Jamaica, Girl I Wanna Take Ya....

Bob's original pictures have been replaced with others ('coz that's just what happens with his server) but there is still a lot of discussion plus some scans of text about Kokomos.

I should know where the old board is. LOL (I posted there once, just to see if I could. :rolleyes::blush: )

Maybe I can find it.

p.s., as BJ notes in that Aruba thread, WVMCC has a Kokomo marbles page at their site, http://www.westvirginiamarblecollectorsclub.com.

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So, Kokomo made marebles that looked like pelt rainbows AND some that had equatorial ribbons like Vitro?

Anyway the main thing about this marble IMHO is the PEARLIZED GREEN! I have owned Peltier pearlized patches in the past and it is dead on. Looks like fingernail polish.

If Kokomo made "opalescent" glass then this color would be right up their ally right?

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Here's a picture Chuck showed me at LOM to illustrate what he described as a "bow-tie" effect at the seam. He said it was a common characteristic of whities.


I was never quite sure why it was called a bow-tie. Was it was how it was cinched neatly at the seam, or how the ribbon sort of seems to fold back on itself. or maybe just something about the overall shape of it? I don't know, but I do see the ribbon on Chuck's slightly doubling back. And I think I may see a hint of the same thing on the portion of the seam showing in your first picture. Do you see it in hand?

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The one you are showing has a great pearlized green!

I remember when I bought that marble, it was advertised as a Peltier Pearlized Single Banded Rainbo..... I paid $17.00 for it and thought I had the find of the century!....lol. When the marble came in, It took a while and the help from this board to realize that it was aventurine....Lizzy (ponkochan) pointed out to me that it was a Vitro whitie and stated that most of the green ones are loaded with aventurine...The pics on the auction were totally out of focus and fooled me into thinking it was pearlized.

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I always get in trouble when i talk about these, heres a photo of what i believe to be kookoo's, from what i understand koko's bought the machine from pelt because they had alot of extra scrap glass from their stained glass part of the business, so you will have to look at the colors real close, also they will glow under uv light,,,bj


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I'm with ya on this one John.

I think we had a PM goin' a few

years ago about that LINE-UP you


I'll keep it short.

When I sort and resort my Pelts.....

I always find myself grouping those(yours)

type together. The GLASS/COLOR just seem

to always "STAND OUT " or one could say....

" They just look DIFFERENT " ( IMHKOMOMOO ).... :o

RAR....................... B)

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I have both types of marbles. Oh, that's right, I bought the Pearlized Peerless Patch from you:) I found the other marble at an antique shop and it was mixed in with bags that also contained other colors. Because it was included with others that are Whities, and it has construction that is the same, I consider it a Whitie also. I left a number of the non-pearlized ones behind and Tankgirl found them sometime during the following week. Lucky I got there first.

Ed :rolleyes:

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