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Holy Crap!


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Once again I have to disagree with Alan's "name" of a marble.

in my humble opinion (and obviously a few other's) this is no superboy.

It is (by book defination) a superMAN.

With the size and condition, i'll be surprized if it doesn't go close to $1800 if not over.

It is a GREAT marble. Out of my price league for a single (even for a box full LOL!!!), but still one gorgeous marble.

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Guest browse4antiques

Even more surprising is that there are a whole bunch of these "miller" Peltiers, all 3/4+, and none with aventurine. ... Roger


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I've never been able to keep these 2 I.D.'s "STRAIGHT"

The "DEBATES" seem to always evolve around a couple of TRAITS.

It's either the Baseglass isn't the "RIGHT" BLUE...to be a Superman.

Or the lack of an ESTABLISHED YELLOW and/or ORANGE....cancels out the Superman.

* The RED is a "GIVEN"

Meaning it has to have Red/Yellow and Orange....to be a Superman.

So....would it be "FAIR" and do I dare say "CORRENT".... :unsure:

It's either a Spiderman.......Blue baseglass.....Red and Dark Blue Ribbons.

And there's no GAP....add Yellow OR Orange.......Superman ????


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WOW!! That is one beautiful marble! Superman...Superboy I really don't care. The purest would call it a Superboy since it does not have a true yellow, but to tell you the truth these purests give me a pain. I call them whatever I want and have been collecting them longer than they had a name. :Happy_050: --mm--




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but to tell you the truth these purests give me a pain.


Yep, it's great to have Mary back!!!

Alan will always take the safest road... The grief he gets for calling it a Superboy will be a lot less than calling it a Superman....

As collectors, we can get away with a lot... At his level of selling, he's a moving target.

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So.....you take the "LOW ROAD" when ya LIST what

SOME may consider is a 'WEAK" Superman......and

list it as a Superboy.....??? A "MODEST" listing to avoid

any MONETARY discrepancies...????

But in OUR/YOUR/MY Collection...they are ALL SUPERMEN ?

"As Collectors, we can get away with alot" YEOW !

Scoop........isn't that kind of a dangerous ?????

I think this I.D. is just as important as the "Is it a Pop-Eye ?"


......................plus the OTHER 2 colors.......................

Instead of any of these questions being answered for my

own benefit.

What answers and information would "ANY OF YOU" provide for

a NEWBIE here on this Topic and I.D. ?????


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LOL...........Yeah I thought that's why Pelt Collectors

named most of the marbles.

But why am I still confused ????

Well......it's because I collect Pelts.

And yes it is obvious why there is an

EMBEDDED I.D. such as the Superboy.

And......it'll ALWAYS survive simply because

of it's Color/Combo. I think it's fair to say

that as Collectors we would want the most

sought after marble of any type that was made.


Then it has to take the "Back Seat" to the the REAL SUPER HERO.

And instead of a $1,200 Superman........some may be lucky

enough to own a $45.00 Superman that BARELY MADE IT OUTTA



I wonder if Scott now owns a $1,200.00 Superboy.........???

I doubt it........ :Cool_049:

Where was Clark Kent during this AUCTION....???? B)

RAR.......Yeah..I know...just some more of Rick's PELT BABBLE.....oh well !

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Scoop........isn't that kind of a dangerous ?????

It all depends on how seriously you take it, Rick.... Alan HAS to take it seriously... He doesn't have a choice.... We do.

If Scott wants to call it a Superman (He may not...) Hell... He can call it George, John or Jasper!! He's payin' enough to call it whatever he wants.... If he wants to pay that kinda money and call it a Superboy, does it make it worth less money?? The marble doesn't change a bit. I think these folks were bidding on a marble, not a name.... And oh, what a marble it is!!!

On any given day, I agree with you totally about definitions... You know how I get about handmade tri-level swirls... I don't feel the solid white core with floating transparent colors constitutes a tri-level.... I can scream it till I turn purple!!! But, check in on ebay auctions and there is almost ALWAYS at least one, listed as a tri-level..... I'm not gonna take on the job of contacting and explaining that to every seller (some who care and many who don't...)

If it pissed me off every time I saw it, I'd never have a good day!!! After a while, we just need to stand back and put the whole thing in perspective. I don't collect marbles to be a definitions detective.

If I saw an auction for one that I really liked, I wouldn't care what it was called... I'd buy it!!!

If a newbie asks the definition of a Superman, here.... They will get the "book" description." After that, what they wanna call a marble is totally up to them... They're going to have to learn, just as the rest of us have... That it's not all black & white, cut & dried... They need to start with the basics, then understand the flexibility of dealing with different people who have different views....

Confusing?? Yep....

But, if you think you'll ever be able to make it black & white, cut & dried... Good Luck, Man......

I've been shown Popeyes that I knew weren't Popeyes.... At least, not in my mind.... When I gently express my doubts and the owner says, "Oh yes, this IS a Popeye!!" I'm just gonna say, "OK...."

Getting all pissy about it never changed a thing... It just makes everyone miserable....

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As far as calling it a man instead of a boy, I see distinct and separate colors or color bands. I say call it a Superman unless ALL THE RIBBONS are blended red and yellow, not just the yellow ones that blended into pure orange. Unlike the first three examples shown in my pix the fourth (the mib in question) has totally separate red ribbons and certainly outranks the other three and deserves to be called by another name. I heard someone suggest an 'Orange Superman' as the name but I think not. IMHO I was certain it would go much higher which is why I stayed out of it.

post-315-1207799766_thumb.jpg post-315-1207799783_thumb.jpg post-315-1207800276_thumb.jpg post-315-1207800298_thumb.jpg

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I find this totally IRONIC !

If marble I.D.'s aren't taken SERIOUSLY.

Then why would anyone post a marble and ask what IS IT....????

Sure there's a LIST....curious....excited....is it RARE

or HTF.........is it WORTH ANYTHING.......etc.

There are also posts of very FINE EXAMPLES OF IDENTIFIED MARBLES !

I'm VERY INTERESTED in marble I.D.'s !!!


It's NEVER ENDING....and one of the great MYSTERIES

that keeps my INTEREST "LEVEL" HIGH !

To question my level of SERIOUSNESS and try

to profile ME as one who NEEDS a Black and White

...Cut and Dried I.D. is ABSURD.

Obviously this isn't "ANY GIVEN DAY"

AMEN ???.......give me a BREAK !

RAR..........the BUYER of the $100.00 JIM DAVIS MARBLE

...that helped save Avatar "BOB'S'...LIFE !!!!

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If marble I.D.'s aren't taken SERIOUSLY.

Then why would anyone post a marble and ask what IS IT....????

OK.... Let's back up....

First off... We collect marbles.... Now, say that to yourself, SERIOUSLY.... Get my point??

How freakin' serious can you get about someone paying over a thousand dollars for a ball of glass???

Now that we've established that we're all nuts.... Let's get as serious as is possible for people who collect.... Let's say it again.... We collect MARBLES!!!

If someone posts an ID... We tell them what the marble is... "In our opinion..." That's really the best that we can do....

Nine times outta ten, we're all cool.... The tenth time, we may differ in opinions...

Here is a case where we differ in opinions.... Some say it's OK that the yellow is really orange, as long as the other color is a true red.... Some feel that's not right, no yellow, no man....

We all know what we're lookin' at....

We all know what we think.....

We all think that what we think is right...

We don't all think the same thing.....

What are we going to do???


Do we collect these marbles so that we can fight over the names we give them??


I collect marbles because they are cool and I like the way they look.

Who give a flying frot what that marble is called???? It's GORGOUS!!!

Just say YES and be HAPPY!!!


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Here's the scoop Sue. I have paid over a grand more than once for a mib, and glass balls or fancy diamonds, this is totally serious stuff! I'm totally serious, Rick is obviously totally serious, and if we vote on how many people here have lost sleep over marbles...you get my point. The marble is a Superman in my book and when I ID another one like it tomorrow or ten years from now, I will still call it a Superman with all my heart in it.

This is not childs play and we are not children. I don't mean any disrespect, but please notice how serious I am about my marbles and refrain from implying that they are just marbles.

Regards, Roger

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Sorry roger and rick.

I guess I was the start of this debate.

In my opinion......

Sue's opinion is worth a lot to me.

Not only is she my friend, she has been into collecting and keeping marbles for a very, VERY long time.

She's been around these grounds WAY longer than most. WAY longer.

She is "mostly" a hand made collector. She has plenty of machine made marbles, but she does not get into them like others.

I have been known to pay WELL OVER A GRAND for a single marble several times myself and I agree with Sue.

They are JUST marbles.

There will always be MORE marbles.

Serious? LOL!!!!!

I have been know to join Danny Grocki and Jim King seeing who can throw a marble into the ohio river from 2 blocks away

Several folks watched us do this.

Fishslayer Griff was even bringing us more marbles HAHAHAHA

EVERY single machine made marbles that was EVER made, was produced with the intention of it being a kids toy!!!

NO EXCEPTIONS!!! They ARE just toys.

They collectors are the ones who have raised the value of them. Cartainly not the manufacturer's.

Sorry, even though I too have paid tons of money for single marbles, they are still JUST toys.

produced to be an item to have fun with.

They were meant to be fun.

Still are to some of us kids who will never grow UP.


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WOW!!!! I have a few serious things going on in my life and I sure as hell hope what someone calls a marble will never be one.

Right on Bo. One of these days I may even quit carrying those CACs loose in my pockets at the shows. (LOL)

Superboy = yellow ribbons over red on a blue base sometimes combining to form orange ribbons. If there is another definition I have never heard it.


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Whoa. I have been watching this thread and have finally decided to jump in. Let me say this. The day I lose sleep over a marble is the day I stop collecting marbles. Life is way too short to take my hobby that serious. Hobbies are supposed to be fun. I think that is why it is called a hobby. Maybe some of you make it more like work.

But on the flip side I wouldn’t fault anyone for taking marble collecting that serious. Especially if they are spending 1000+ on a marble. I have never bought one for that much but I have sold several for that amount and it does become very serious when that kind of coin is involved.

It is the differences in us that should be celebrated not criticized.

Most of us as humans always feel the need to compartmentalize or categorize our lives and the things in our lives and if that means giving each thing in it a name then so be it, but lets not forget, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”, Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet 1594, - Meaning: What matters is what something is, not what it is called. Could we say in this case, “A Superman by any other name would still be just a Marble”.

I am not some newbie just jumping in, I have collected marbles for 30+ years and have sold 2 collections and started all over again. I collect mostly handmades.

You wanna talk about serious ... Years ago when machine mades were not in style I sold a 5-gallon bucket for $200. That bucket contained over 70 plus tricolor Christensen flames, not to mention the rest of marbles. I thought I was getting a great deal too. Now that is friggin funny. I look back on that and still find it hilarious.

I love marbles. Not only do I collect them I also use them for landscaping projects as well.

Collecting is fun. Enjoy life and have no regrets.

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Wow..... This is wild!!!! Last night, I was thinking about "serious" and how it applies to marble collecting... Nope... Couldn't do it....

Then, I was thinking about collectors who CAN be serious.... The first thing that came to my mind was...

There are people who collect Nazi memorabilia... THEY can be serious!!!! Oh Yeah.... They can.

A friend of my daughter's is staying with us... This morning, we watched "American Beauty"..... In the move, a kid shows his girlfriend a plate that her father has in his military collection, with a swastika on the back.... I thought, "Oh My GOD!!!!" How bizarre is that??? I was just thinking about that, last night...

There's another spot in the movie where the main character tries to bring back the "life" of their totally "lost" marriage.... She ALMOST dissolved into it.... Until she realized he was about to spill beer on her four thousand dollar silk sofa..... Ending the "moment....."

I can see the "This is just "stuff" point... As well as I can see the "OMG, this is a four thousand dollar sofa!!!!" point....

I have to wonder why he just couldn't put the bottle down and continue.... ?????

His not caring about the sofa was her issue.... Her caring about the sofa was his issue.... They were doomed......

Roger... Bo is basically right about me... I really don't care that much about machine made marbles...

BUT, I do really care about terminologies....

Superman had a blue suit, with a red shield and yellow lettering... A Superman marble is a blue base with red and yellow.....

Tell me... Look SERIOUSLY at that marble and show me where there is a distinct yellow on it???

You can not... Because there is not..... End of story.

So, now what do we do??? In your heart, you believe it is a Superman.... In my heart, I believe it is not.

You have spent over a thousand dollars on a single marble... I will NEVER spent a thousand dollars on a single marble.... Even if I could afford it....

So, I've collected marbles for over 40 years (and I have the documentation to prove it...) You have spent HUGE sums on your collection.....

Who has the right to be correct, here???

Neither of us OWN the marble... So, do either of us even have the right to be trying to name it??

If we all unite, join hands and SWEAR that it IS a Superman.... Will yellow magically appear on it???

Roger, if you want to call that marble a Superman, you go right ahead... Ya know, it doesn't bother me. Nothing you can do will MAKE it bother me.... But, I will never see it as a Superman.

If that drives you crazy, I'm terribly sorry!!!

My only advice to you would be.... Go rent "American Beauty." Try hard to understand it...


And, this is truly not intended to be nasty, at ALL....

Get a LIFE!!!

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The only thing that drives my really crazy is when somebody stoops to such a level. How dare you compare Nazi ANYTHING to this discussion. Do you really think I don't have a wonderful life? Outside of mibs, that is? So you have a nice handmade collection and likely wouldn't mind if somebody used them all for throwing practice. Well that is the difference between a true collector and a wannabe. Anybody who won't admit sitting up at night dreaming about the arrival of the one in tomorrows snail mail is not being truthful in my opinion. You would be surprised to know just how many old timers will call this mib a Superman without the slightest hesitation. Loved the movie but I don't believe you really got the message in it! Pity.

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