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Jabo Tributes


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On September 19, 2008 a new private run of Jabo's took place. People involved were all in agreement to let Dave McCullough make all the decisions and make the marbles he wanted to make. Everything Dave asked for was purchased, including aventurine.

Those responsible for the marbles were:

David McCullough, Vice President of Jabo and glass genius

His crew working that day included:

Richard McKnight

Ron Ewers

Russ Meaux

Johnny Carr

Dale Simmons

The investors are:

Steve Sturtz and Elizabeth Farrar

Cathy Runyan Svacina and Larry Svacina

Windy Turpin

Edna and Weldon Eaton

Marlow Peterson and Denis Andelin

Ron Shapard and Bill McCaleb

David Chamberlain

Brett Chamberlain

Lee Linne

Jack Labbe

Jim Storsberg

Michael Johnson

Patry Denton

The first marbles rolled out at 11:15 AM and the last rolled out at 11:30 PM. I will post pics later in the report. The group of investors while large were great to work with. Everybody watched David and his crew and did what they could. At dinner time, cooking took place just outside the area where the marble machine was operating. We had invited guests from the West Virginia Marble Collectors Club to come and watch. I remember Howard Powell, Steve and Eleanor Pletcher, and Bob Byard were there for a while. More came to breakfast the next day to view the marbles. Julia and Howard Powell, Frank and Ruby Sellers, and several others came. I'm sure other people there will remember more names.

I did not take a lot of pics. We had a professional photographer taking many pics (Denis Andelin) and Joe Street doing a video of the whole process. Here are the few I took.


Dave McCullough and Richard McKnight


The 3/4 inch marble machine


Marlow Peterson, Lee Linne, Russ Meaux


Bill McCaleb and Russ Meaux


Russ Meaux and Dave McCullough


Richard McKnight


Steve Pletcher and Elizabeth Farrar


Eleanor and Steve Pletcher, Elizabeth Farrar


Dave McCullough and Steve Sturtz


Boyce Lundstrom and Dave McCullough


Weldon Eaton and Boyce Lundstrom


Dale Simmons

During the time in Reno and Sistersville, I had the opportunity to see and collect Joker I, Joker II, Madyia, Peltier Mansion, and the Tributes. It is my opinion that Joker I's are by far the prettiest marbles. They are all different and easily recognizable. Following are some pics of boxes of each except for Joker II's. I haven't completed a pic of them yet, but will post them later.


Joker I




Madyia's, First row has 5 of the marbles with lutz


Second box of Madyia's


Peltier Mansions by Boyce Lundstrom Boyce has some very nice effects with color and pattern. The second row of marbles from the top are white based with green aventurine and purple ribbons and Boyce calls them Purple Betties. Another of his marbles has pink ribbons. He got the pink color by using gold in his glass.


Tributes to Dave McCullough and JABO


More Tributes. We did not make any white based marbles. Close up pics of some named marbles will follow.

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Edna, Thank you for posting the pictures ! Nice reporting also! I was sad that I had to miss all the fun and excitment at the last minute. I was really looking forward to meeting all of you! Steve and Lee were so nice in calling me and telling what was going on. I could hear the excitment in the air! But the good news is my sister is out of intensive care! I have been having fun sorting thru my marbles! Lee made sure I got them right away! Thanks Lee! Edna I hope you will be going to the Vegas show. I sure would like to meet you! LOL, Windy

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The first marbles to roll out were canary yellow


barrel of Julie's paints


Unnamed marble - The base is canary yellow. The ribbons are light to medium blue with ribbons of oxblood that varies from red to reddish brown to black (burned oxblood).


Barrel of wvron


Black Ruby

blackruby2.jpg Back of the Black Ruby

This marble is named for Ruby Sellers, WVMCC. She is the wife of Frank Sellers who is the grandson of the founder of Alley Agate. Ruby serves as an officer of the club and she and Frank were two of the people invited to JABO to preview the Tributes.

The Black Ruby has red glass in two shades, black glass, and gray glass, and may also have an orange stripe. The colors swirl .


Bloody Bee

bloodybeeback.jpg Back of the bloody bee

The Bloody Bee has a base glass of canary yellow. It has some black lines and oxblood showing and may also have white or gray areas on the top side.



Bonnie's Blush

This marble is named for Bonnie McCullough, wife of David McCullough.

The marble base glass is orange and yellow. It may have light blue aventurine or a mixture of light and dark blue aventurine. Oxblood is swirled on the blue aventurine and in the best examples is red and also appears purple where it runs over or under the blue aventurine.

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This marble is named for David McCullough. David is of Scottish descent. The McCullough's did not have their own tartan, but were allied with 4 clans who did. The common colors in the 4 tartans were a dark red and a dark green.

The McCullough is on a base glass of orange and coral colored glass. The dark green aventurine has dark red oxblood running around it.




This marble is named for Ron Shepard who founded the West Virginia Marble Collector's Club. He served as an officer in the club for many years. Ron is one of the few people who can identify West Virginia swirls.

The marble is on a yellow base with orange blushing. It has thick dark green aventurine bordered with dark red oxblood that may appear black.



Joseph's Gems

This marble is named for the youngest marble lover in our family - our grandson. The marble base glass is a swirl of red and orange glass, It has wide ribbons of dark blue aventurine bordering red glass and there may be a thin line of red glass on the edges of the blue aventurine. The blue aventurine is very dark and because of the red glass may be dark like oxblood.



Julie's Paints

This marble is named for Julia Powell, a member of the WVMCC and Fenton glass artist. Julia paints all kinds of glass objects at Fenton and also paints on marbles for collectors. She has been painting on Sammy Hogue marbles for some time now.

The back of the Julie's paints has pink, coral, and red glass. The blue aventurine ribbons are narrower in this marble and usually follow around a red "V"

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Hi Mike, I will send you some of those. I'm still trying to catch up. Haven't sorted everything yet, still doing 2 weeks laundry. That's a job by itself. The grandson is coming tonight so I'll be delayed getting everything done. LOL. As you know GRANDCHILDREN ARE WONDERFUL! Did you go to Reno and watch the marbles being made? Yours are beautiful! I especially like the pink flamingo and the pink and green swirl. There's a coral and green that is no slouch too. Your buckeye marble looks a lot like our Black Ruby. That's the only marble I've seen so far that may be hard to identify which special run it comes from.

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Thank you Edna. Yes, I went to Reno for our run, but I was in charge of preparing our glass and filling all three crucibles for 18 hours each day, so I didn't get time to watch them being made much.

I have my two grandsons every day, so I win !

mike b.

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Thank you Windy.

The truth is that we made every effort to not look like the Jokers, and only a few of ours have similarites, due to being made with the same process, on the same machine. Several varieties from the other runs look somewhat similar too, but most are different. There are varieties from each of the runs that are not like the Jokers, but equal in their beauty, such as the canary bluebloods, I think.

mike b.

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It was a pleasure to spend time with this special group. Thanks Edna for the report and pictures. Now you will make me sort a certian type marble from my group. A marble my grandchildren can be proud of. Memories of once in a lifetime. I would do it all again. Thank You ALL,every one.

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Thank you Ron. The trip to all the West Virginia marble factories in Ritchie County was something all of us will remember and Weldon and I cherish the time spent with you. You gave a day to all of us and we learned a lot about the history of marble making in Ritchie Co. I don't know anybody in West Virginia who deserves the honor of having a marble named for them more than you do. I'm keeping a lot of wvron's for us too. Edna

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Hiya Edna!! Long time no see....

Great post. I have really been drooling over some of the Jabos I've seen selling on e-bay of late. I loved the pictures. Sure makes me wish I lived closer to my Dad and we could hang out more...He'd love to get much more into the marble making end of things and so would I!

I love marbles!!!!

Great to see you...I won't be disappearing again soon!!


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Hi Suzie! Sure wish we could find a hotel in Phoenix that marble collectors and dealers could afford to stay in. Bo's shows were really great until the hotels decided to up the room rent beyond a reasonable amount. We are thinking about coming in February for the Tucson bead show. A lot of the boro marble artists come to that. We didn't go last year but I'd like to go in 2009 if the gasoline prices don't go as crazy as the motels.

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Hi Suzie! Sure wish we could find a hotel in Phoenix that marble collectors and dealers could afford to stay in. Bo's shows were really great until the hotels decided to up the room rent beyond a reasonable amount. We are thinking about coming in February for the Tucson bead show. A lot of the boro marble artists come to that. We didn't go last year but I'd like to go in 2009 if the gasoline prices don't go as crazy as the motels.

Hey! You know finding and negotiating some decent rates is something I can try to do (I'm not as ambitious as Bo...pulling a show together seems overwhelming) but I really like the idea of finding us some affordable options. Many years ago, I worked in the Hotel Business. I was even a Sales Manager at a hotel for a short while....can't hurt to try!!! I'm glad you said that!!!


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Just my two cents, if it's Arizona it's nice and warm. What about a camp ground? My physical condition isn't good to sleep on the ground but a nice cot and my med's and Im all set! :) I wonder how nice the mibs would look around a campfire? ;)

God Bless,

Gary Langley


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The link above is to more pics of the marbles and a report on the Sistersville Marble Festival. It took me most of the day to post the pics and write ups and I'm sorry I don't have time to do it again here. If you want to see more pics and more info follow the link. Edna

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