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  1. CAC flames

    Great start to your collection. Well done. The blue one is killer with the different color tips
  2. First one doesn’t look like cac to me, more alley. Second is a great alley that people used to think was cac. They are confusing. I wouldnt Be mad at the seller. It happens. Hopefully you got it inexpensively as most cac collectors would know its alley
  3. What is a "snotty" CAC?

    Well, here are six dug ones I have In the top left.....
  4. What is a "snotty" CAC?

    The original post is a cac. They were originally bought from a man who lives in cambridge. The one I got looks like a snotty with blue....the construction is correct and I’m happy with mine. I saw all five or six in hand. Two were pretty out of round.
  5. Peach color

  6. Let see some. Just found a red based one with red ribbons. Pretty cool. Most are Kokomo’s in the pic as well I think.
  7. Peach color

    Nope, not it
  8. Peach color

    True cac peach backlights pink. You might have one
  9. Clydes Marbles (CT)

    Kevin Plummer had them and sold them for his family. They were sold in Canton a few years ago when I was there. His slags were bought by Bert who might still have them, he was selling them too. I have a few big slags from him you might like, emil me. Craig
  10. slag on the 'bay

    Nice one Greg. The royal blue
  11. Veiligglas Original Packaging

    Good research guys John, it says carry-seal II. (Carry-seal then Roman numeral 2)
  12. Found these in a collection. Figured most would like to see how they were made and where. Marbles are 7/8”- 15/16”. Hope this clears up some confusion on these Craig
  13. slag on the 'bay

    He had other polished marbles. I asked If this one could be and never got a response so I laid off. Went high imho
  14. MFC?

    Is it red or orange?
  15. Rare Road & Tunnel Slag on Ebay

    Greg, I’m 99% sure that purple was MFC. Im on the lookout for big cacs now though...