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David Mccullough Has Resigned At Jabo

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Effective December 31,2008 David has resigned at JABO as a day to day owner. He still retains his stock and is as interested in making great marbles today as he was last week and for the last 17 years at JABO. David will turn 61 on March 17 (St. Patrick's Day). He and Bonnie will continue to live in Pennsboro.

Although he will not be active on a daily basis, he will still be available to answer questions on the phone and answer emails.

He will, of course, be very available to help any and all with their private runs of JABO Classics.

He says he is going to enjoy it more and work less. My bet is you will find him hanging around in the trailor on most days.

I, for myself and many more, want to thank David for his great body of work. I think anyone who has ever been to the factory knows how infectuous his Dennis the Menace smile is. More importantly, we all know how helpful he has been to anyone who walks through the doors.

David, thank you for so much!


PS for the inquiring minds: there are no health problems or problems within the company.

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Congratulations on your retirement, David. Hope you have a great time! I know you will have less stress and you'll be able to go anywhere any time you decide to. Weldon and I may run into you on vacation again - only God knows where. LOL! We are very happy for you. Thanks for all the great times. Edna and Weldon

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Congratulations Dave. I tell my friends and family the Jabo story. Even the non-marble people agree that you have been a compelling part of American history.

Nice marbles too. :-)

Thank you for everything.


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Hey, David!

I'm a relative newbie compared to most of these people, but it didn't take me long to see that there's just 'something' about Jabos!

Glad to hear you'll be around enough to make sure that this 'something' continues! Best wishes, Bob

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As you know MANY MANY Thanks for the several past years. Always a pleasure each and every visit. What a gracious host and generosity. What a ride it has been. A debt that cannot be repaid. Take the time,enjoy it with your family,and whatever you want to do and when,well deserved,and overdue.

A TRUE CLASSIC check webster's for classic

Ron S.


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Have a Happy Retirement!

Although I do not know you, your name is synonomous with great marbles. This says much about you on its own. You are an icon in the world of marbles...respected and thought of in the most admirable fashion. Thank you for your years of dedication and creativity.

May your retirement days be blessed.

:-) Felicia

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Congratulations on your retirement. I enjoyed the opportunity to come out and watch you and your men make marbles. You can tell a lot about a fellow by what the people around him think of him. If a man tells me he is a great guy I may or may not believe him but if everyone around him tells me he is a great guy I usually take it as the truth. It was obvious to me the night before the run when I got there and had a chance to chat with Johnny that he held you in very high regard. The next day during the run I watched Richard, Ron and Russ and the skill and effort that they put into their work was only surpassed by their obvious respect for you. When your family stopped by and I watched your interaction with them it was apparent to me that you were a very blessed man. It would seem to me that you are a man who has earned the love, admiration and respect of his family and friends. What more can a man ask for, except possibly to retire and enjoy his family and friends full time. Take care and God Bless, Joe S.

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I don't know Dave.. But, from all I've heard, he sounds like a great guy who deserves all the well wishes he gets for retirement from a job well done!!!

Thanks for all you've done, Dave... And, enjoy every minute of the future!!! :D

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