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Black In Marbles


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Hi Folks,

Hope everyone is tolerating this frigid weather.

Anywho, I was wondering about the color black in marbles. I know the Akro Indian blanket has it, I think I had seen some Peltiers with black, zebra?

What other ones are there? Is it a hard color to make?

Is there something special they use for the black?

In my mind's eye, I can see a beautiful black-based marble with pastel purple and pink in a corkscrew fashion. Then, I thought there are so many other color combinations that would look great on a black base...light green and light yellow, baby blue and peach, red and white etc.

Just a curious mind on a cold winter's day.


:-) Felicia

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Hi and Welcome in oldmarblenut.

Thanx for the information and hey, as far as I know, there isn't a "Color of the Month" yet. So maybe we can make it black? hmmm

It would be kewl to see something with that black aventurine. That would be neat if folks would show some pics.

:-) Felicia

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Hiya, Fel!

The 'color of the month' completely slipped my mind!

I think black is a great idea. Although I'll wait for a consensus before posting officially, here's a large solid black George Williams marble which I think everyone should own.

There's something about it which puts a perspective on any other marble. It's magnificent in itself, so if a marble with colors isn't as impressive I say to heck with it! Bob :)

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