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Just For The People Who Are Tired Of Hearing About Jabo Investors Need Not Read

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Be patient guys... This too shall pass....

The best way to "move on," is to stop posting in the Jabo threads (keeping them on top)

And, start new threads...

If 5 people created 5 threads about anything... Eventually, the chatter will stop!! ;)

The better the topic, the faster the change over....

Folks wanna talk, give 'em somethin' to talk about!!!

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I need to know specifics on the "fish".

Head on or off?I personaly dont like what Im eating to be looking at me,with regards to food,,,,,,

Clean cut fillet or just field dressed?

Any particulr species?

I currently have ,yellow perch,white perch,rainbow trout,brook trout,landlock silver atlantic salmon,

king salmon,small and large mouth bass,bull head,chanel,or flathead CATFISH,and a six pack of walleye,with a kicker of a couple of pickrel.

Preferable spices.You have a choice of creole seasoning,real butter and thyme,lemon pepper,or my favorite,lightly breaded with ritz crackers,with a hint of old bay seasoning.

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Fresh Halibut(butter,garlic and black pepper.).......Fresh Salsa....lettuce,

onion (purple and white),cheese(pepperjack), Adobe Hot Sause,Secrect Sause (PM only)

...Wrapped in a Huge Homemade Flour Tortilla. KILLER !!!

I cut the heads off deer and elk before I eat them. My friends thank me for that at the BBQs !!!


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I still haven't quite figured out what it is about the new runs of Jabos that I find unappealing (besides all that orange in most of them). Maybe it's too much aventurine, or they're too dark, or the colors don't blend well enough, or the color combinations aren't right. Whatever it is, they just don't seem to "work", IMO. I bought a couple Aces recently, and even though they looked pretty good in the photos, in hand, they don't do a thing for me.

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well, i dont want to start another "jabo" thread for the sake of , well, ,, anyway,, Idea- why dont you Jabo sellers make these new ones like Pet marbles,, give them a born on date and stuff, make them a birth certificate with the name on it and all lookin proffesional and shit,,, it work for the pet rock and the cabage patch kids,,, now back to the fishin stories and gun fights,, lolololol,,, good morning,,, bj

oops wrong thread, lololol, dont shoot me or throw me back in the water pleeeaassseee,,, lololol

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Cat !

I got the new Tauras PT 1911.....!!!

Never thought I'd buy a Taurus.

Tight groups at 25yrds....and runs like SILK !!!

I dumped my SIG226 9MM for this one.

Dualing .45's now.....SIG220 and the 1911 !!!


I just got the ( THE JUDGE ) SS frame 4 in. barrel .45 LC. + 410 shot shells

5 shot rev.

Great for home invasion protection. As well as CC. where leagal.

Also a Wather PPK S> 380. SWEET>


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Caliber of choice in a long gun ????!!! .300 Winchester Magnum !!!

Nut......I do want the Tank Model in the Garand !!!

Miser......"The Judge" is a wicked Hand Cannon !!!

Boo-Yah Bob.....I use to call my 9MM...The Thrill-A-Meter.

Never ending WANT LIST for me !!!


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