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Sad News ....


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i want to let you know, our friend, ron shepherd, mother passed today. a shock to all to say the least. i'll talk with ron later today, and relay any information that i have. to you ron, and your family, i'm very sorry for your loss. bill

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Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers

I was a very lucky person to have the parents that i did. My mother always supported me all my life in any thing that i attempted to do. Even if she didn't agree 100% or always understand,she was always there with encouragement. Each time that i would get discouraged with the marble world and talk about stopping,she would give me that look and tell me NO. She always said people need a challenge,a goal,something to look forward to,work but also playtime,and something that brings joy into life.

Tommorow will be another day for most of us,find some joy.

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My condolences to you and your family.

Your mom sounds like she was a very wise woman and I am sure she passed along that wisdom through you. You'll always have the good memories and in time, the pains from this loss will subside. People may pass away but the love never does.

My prayers are with you.

:-) Felicia

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