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It Happens Once A Year!


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Whats this I hear about somebody in Oklahoma having a birthday this coming Saturday? I hear that he lives in Duncan, Oklahoma and likes horses, dogs and other livestock and has been known to wet a fish hook once in a while and by the story's he tells of the big one that got away he's an avid fisherman. Happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday Ole BUDDY, Happy birthday. ----Leroy---- P.S. He also likes marbles.

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Happy Birthday (on Saturday) Buddy.



I promised "I" would not be the one to start this post and I wasn't.

THANKS LEROY !!!! hahaha

Us dirty dawgs gots to stick together now that our group count is up to 5.

(ok, 5 1/2) hehehe

Yep, we're ALL here. hahaha

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