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Akro Box - Izzit For Real?


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Not the same guy - unless he's using a different ID, which wouldn't be the first time that happened.

Hmmmm ... I should go look at that. Sometimes his alter egos have the same style. That's how I caught one of them.

I think you could be right about that version of the flinties being earlier than popeyes. I'm not totally certain though that they didn't overlap, so I'll have to leave confirmation to someone else.

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The box is satin lined and the compartment for the marbles doesn't match the rest of the interior. The paper covering the box is embossed and the box is stepped for the lid, That's a box for a hairbrush set or something like that.

Yup.... Jewelry, vanity item, maybe some fancy table server... It's basically a Jeweler's box.

I pick 'em up where ever I find them, to display and give-with that type of item I may be selling in my co-op space...

Wow, with my stash, we could recreate marble history!!! ROFLMAO

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The thing that is still rather confounding is why with the box and bag being kinda spiffy even though bogus that this person or anyone would scuttle matters themselves with such a strange mix of marbles when you could as easily provide some continuity with relatively inexpensive Akro patches or whatever. Bizarre! David

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Yeah, I bet that's it. Makes sense if the seller got the box from Pavcraz.

Pavcraz so far has been THE source for these. He's the guy with the Akro stamps. And he puts them on all sorts of boxes. Every other example I've seen like this so far has traced back to him, sometimes through his alternate identities or his friend in Washington state, or one guy in the UK who was reselling something he bought from Pavcraz.

That could very well be it.

Heck, if I'd still been watching Pavcraz auctions, I woulda known. But I gave up on following him some time ago.

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