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My Favorite Rainbos


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Was that an order? :P

I'm with gdp1 as far as picking a favorite.

On my setup it looks like it might be a 'bloody baseball',

which is a name I just made up but you know what I mean.

Would be cool in itself, but the little bit of extra

color shading makes it really nice.

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This is one of my favorite displays. ya I really like that john deer green on yellow.can't really tell from this photo but that wasp is rare black on transparent red.


The endless variety of rainbows is sure fun though.


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Charles, Charles, Charles.... :rolleyes:

What are we going to do with you?

"not a good picture, but...."

Let's look at what we have here.

A bunch of stunning marbles photographed to bring out their natural wet glassy goodness. (Achieving 'glassy' isn't easy.)

An interesting but non-distracting background.

Mind-blowing color reproduction that makes you think the marbles are actually in front of you.

And a 'seemingly' random presentation that works perfectly.

Yeah, you're right! That photo really stinks! :rolleye-842:

P.S. You have some awesome brown colors, and the brown to yellow 'blood', if you will, is amazing.

Also like the abrupt fat to thin seam pattern change on what I think is a Ruby (or Red, depending on

where you're from) Bee. ( :

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