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This Is A Bengal Tiger Ain't It?


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Bocci, gotta chime in on this one. This is my opinion after evaluating the photos real closely. I feel that the photo you posted is a pelt in my opinion. The color palet and the base is pelt colors to me. The one seam is hard to tell because, yes i do agree it looks MK, however i have found pelts the same way. If the color patches on both ends are the same i feel its pelt. I have not found a colored transparent base this color in MK either. Discussing every aspect thourghly of a marble is where we all learn from each other to continue the hobby. We all must remember in a time perspective the hobby is still in its early stages and the more that is learned the better the hobby will become. Chuck G--

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I'd put that in with my Pelts, but yes the pic in the OP does look like it might be something else, but taking a closer look always helps.

*edit* reasons why:

-the 'oven brick'

-the transaperent blue glass

-the blow-out

-the color combo/construction

Also, love the pattern on that 'peltier hybrid rebel turkey'

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I wrote the seller on this one to let 'em know it was a modern MK. They responded graciously and seemed to appreciate the info. I don't know if they'll change the listing. But they were polite. :)

Your gracious polite seller didn't change their listing.

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