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Colored Based Handmade - What Is It?

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well I think more zoom out but looks looks a ground pontil so I would think a joseph's coat with mica . Mike

attachicon.gifpair 1.450 and 1.270 47S.JPG


I have never seen these colors in a Josephs coat, not saying they don't come with these colors but I've never seen them. I know there are a few sellers on Ebay that sell new marbles and say for example "Onion skin" ? to cover their butt and most of these sellers will not take returns, so if this marble was purchased off of Ebay I'd have to say it is new handmade. IMHO

All my best ...... Danny

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well after a while thinking and looking I think Brian knows who made the marble ?? and there are most likely only a few artist that would do cane marbles and leave the pontils and then grind it . So did he graduate to larger marbles ?/ I have a guess on who it might be . will get the ones I have together a post pictures . here are a few of his beads . can not remember if Brian has the small marble machine that makes marbles but I think he does . So who made it first ?? Mike







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well I have a few of Christopher Robinson marbles he loves making cane marbles and leaves the pontil some he grinds . I do not know if he went bigger but has the talent to do so and loves to grind the pontil always one end the other is finished with the torch . I have see some not ground at all . I always buy a marble or two when I am at a show he is selling at . I love the mag light indian from him . But not saying this marble is his but if so I will own one close . Mike







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