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Vitro Shooters Are Cool

Speed Racer

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Hello, I just got in from another antiques show. So sorry for the delay.

The reason I am going with Vitro is the pastel shades being very similar to the Vitro Easter Egg or Parakeet colors.

Let me get back to you on this one as I am working on my quarterly taxes (due today!).

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Until I can set up a much needed shooting gallery, hopefully this will do to help.

Pelt on the left, Kokomo on the right, and I can sort of see a little muddy on one side of the middle (suspect) if this is a Pelt.

If Peltier, it might be a bifurcated example.

I added another pic also.



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Thanks everyone. Yes there are a couple cold rolls.

I think Al might be seeing something I didn't see at first.

It might just well be a Master. And I thought I knew Sunbursts pretty well.

I'll show it to Willie since Sunbursts are his absolute favorites.

Here's a better backlit shot.



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Nope, not Akro.

But at first Willie was going with Akro as well.

Then he backlit the mib and pointed out the big fat cream puff looking thing which occupies half of the marble and is (how did Willie put it?) folded over a little on itself at the seams. He said it did look bifurcated in hand but he passed on it due to a couple micro fleas and micro sparkles and of course those cold rolls.

Willie, you have grown to be such a purist!

I'm gonna start calling you Wet Willie!! LOLOLOLOLOL

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Hey, I love all you guys, so I just wanted to clarify, and I know you'll understand.

Willie is NOT the know all end all, and he'll tell you the same thing, but it is nice to get an in-hand inspection from someone with his educated eyes.

Truth be told, when I learn to shoot better pictures, I won't need Willie nearly as much.

I really love a mib that can appear as an Akro, Kokomo, Peltier, Vitro, and Master (of disguise)!!

Thanks again for all your time and help.

(Me? I'm still between Master and Kokomo) Yes, Kokomo! But that's only because I'm such a hardhead.

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Winnie, Roger's looks so foreign to me, I wasn't sure it was made on this planet. I thought about suggesting a planet in the Rigel system.

I still don't know what to think of it. That's why I was happy just waiting for what everyone else would say.

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