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They Are Really Pumping Them Out Now


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I'm still willing to believe they could be from the 1960's. What did kids in eastern bloc countries do? Did they suddenly go cold turkey on marbles?

The circus carnival angle is one I hadn't heard before but it's plausible to me.

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I believe they are making them now. Looking at the pontils glass and patterns of many I would say it is one guy making them as we speak. And I bet we see more and more until the prices drop to next to nothing. Bad glass bad fakes. And I would also bet if you offered that seller enough money he could come up with as many of those marbles as you were willing to pay for. Faking antiquities has been common practice in Bulgaria for quite some time. http://www.novinite.com/view_news.php?id=67829 There are many "Antique" stores that sell nothing but modern fakes in Bulgaria today.

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They are coming out of Germany too, sourced from Bulgaria.There was a guy from Germany on Facebook who emailed me trying to sell these to me. Said they belonged to his great-grandfather... yadda yadda yadda. His Facebook profile picture was of him in front of a huge Nazi flag. You can't make this stuff up!

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I'd like to think like Steph,the benefit of the doubt,and i did for awhile,

but isn't it strange that we have seen them only in the past year for the first time?

On the other hand,we knew and saw nothing of what happened there in the 60s.

One thing i do know they will do almost anything to get money,as we have already experience in Netherlands.

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Did my post sound like I meant it would be cool to buy those as an example of marbles kids played with?

If so, oops! I see how it could read that way.

For my part, I meant it as another topic -- someday I would love to learn about marble activities behind the iron curtain.

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I don't think they cooled for 50 years either... maybe 50 days. lol.

I actually had a few come to me from consignors. One is someone that doesn't read the boards etc. when I told them I believed the marble(s) in question were Bulgarian fakes, he requested I throw them in the trash so they would never be resold as old again. good consignor, honest person, and they are gone gone gone.

with this said. I personally am grateful that we all have boards like this to bounce ideas, bring this to light and educate others of the very real pitfalls of marble collecting/selling. I guess it comes to the old saying of forewarned is forearmed!

I notice that now they say they are newer.. before I believe they did not? So one has to be wondering just how many are out there sold as old, for good money and how many don't know they were had? shameful.

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After reading the description to the ebay auction I wrote this......

Sent Date: Dec-02-13 03:04:01 PST

Dear supermarbles,

Hi. Those are some nice marbles you have.
Do you have a photo of the carnival or invoice for the marbles from way back when..
How many of these do you have left to sell? What kind of box did these come in?
Do you have a group price for whatever you have left?
History lost is history forgotten.
Thanks so much for you time with this.


Hello.These marbles stood for many years in a suitcase in our old house. Pictures of carnival shooting gallery I have but now live far away from that house 500 km and I can take them when you get there. I can not sell you of my marbles now, because I am a new member of eBay, and each new member has the limits of their sales. currently my limits are exhausted. I will again have higher limits after about 1 month and then I will put this in more eBay listings of some of my marbles. Please check in my listing after 09.01.2014. I WISH YOU HAPPY HOLIDAYS. Greetings NIKI

here kitty.. kitty...


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