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Wow... Did You See That....

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I bet that who ever had the box had no choice but to back fill. VHTF to find any that were not back filled. Remember a few sold a couple years ago with out marbles. Caig reconditioned I think 4 of them a couple years ago. Although I dont believe this is one of them

Side note: last time I saw Mike Johnson he told me there were 3 of these abroad. One in Hong Kong in a museum, one in australia: not sure if that is in museum but it's not in private hands. one in Brazil in private hands.

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That's cool Mike!!!!! I don't know if I would have sold my tho........

Great pictures. I see your box had the yellow bottom insert. I was thinking the other one was damaged there.... guess not.

..... EDIT ....

I got a reply today...

I encourage you to bid what you feel the item is worth, the ending auction price will be considered if reserve is not met.

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Well the side that had yellow I put some colored paper there just so
the clearies would show in the picture , it was just for the pictures as this was me playing . I put a lot of time in to it . wish I had
better knowledge about pics as there were only taken with my Maciva and then in the standard file size , but it is what it was , I had
professional picture taken at the local college in Milwaukee , it took about 4 hours to get one picture , they used a 5 by 5 ? camera at the top of a 12 foot ladder , it ended up with 4 flashes of light and then the snap , but then for some reason they asked if I wanted it on a transparency or a negative I asked what was better and they said the transparency so that is what I got but not knowing I could not get a picture printed from that at the local camera stores so now I can not even remember where I put the transparency so lost for ever ?? and nothing to do but talk about it . It was a great find and it was local only about 3 miles from my house , it took about 2 years to acquire and the story that came with it was even better . Mike

here we were so proud , October 13 1999 2:13 PM Just think It was only 1995 I started collecting . Mike


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Hi all well after seeing an answer to a question

Q: Can you give me an idea what the reserve is? Years ago a friend of mine bought one of these is New Zealand of all places.

A: This set of marbles in the past has sold between $5,000-20,000. Even if the reserve is not met, the winning bidders price will be seriously considered. I encourage you to bid what you feel this item is worth.

I think we have see these types of auctions with no intentention to see threw ebay I think , as I bid it to $10,000 andf it did not meet the reserve. Mike

Retracted: US $10,000.00 reserve not meet .

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It may be a fishing expedition.

He may be a master sales man :)

Get all these bids, weed through and then drop a BIN of 20-30% higher and see who bites. You can read people and interest based on bidding increments, number of time and frequency as well as who follows the dog to the top.

OR, he can be fishing for names to sell offsite to and save the fees.

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I have one of these from my Ohio source, its mint and I am about 1/2 way trying to back fill it. I have a feeling it's going to take a lot of time. I bought 33 popeyes from him at 3/4 in size, several sparklers and other various akro. They just keep rolling in, I think this guy has tubs full of Akro

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It's kinda fun to try to figure out how those would have been arranged. Interesting that the Moss Agates are of the "exquisite" variety and not the patch variety.

And the five single color boulders are so unexpected.

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