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Sad News -- Cat's Eye Jack


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I got this message from David Chamberlain this morning:

A good friend and fellow marble collector has died. JACK KINASZ aka Cat's-Eye Jack of Fortuna CA. I received an email from his wife Linda yesterday. His enthusiasm for cat's-eye marbles was unbounded and over the past couple years we've exchanged a couple hundred emails talking and IDing cat's-eye marbles. Never met the guy. Did notice that in recent months he had become more demonstrative changing his profile pic regularly, bit more outspoken and we were trading regularly. Some foreboding I'm assuming. Again, a strictly Internet connection but I considered Jack a good buddy and will sorely miss his regular cat's-eye queries popping up on my screen. For those of you who knew Jack I can provide an address for his wife Linda. I do not know what her wishes are as her message was brief and did not go into detail or provide an official Obit. David Chamberlain

Jack was a wonderful guy. As a cat's eye fan myself it was always great to see someone whose love for cat's eyes never dimmed. He was just plain fun. And all that came through the screen. He must have been something special in real life.

Prayers and the best of wishes to Linda.

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Sad news indeed. Jack did like his cats, a few years back when he first got on internet I struck up a conversation with him and sent him some catseyes right at Christmas time... he really got excited about cats after that! A while later he sent me soem peewee Marble King cats and shooters which I still have all together and some of Lindas tumbled glass. Loved to fish also... we will miss you Jack. Don

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