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What Do You Think About This Lot?


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I just bought 6 euro sparklers..all in near mint condition, in sizes from 5/8ths to about 13/16ths for 60 bucks. They are valuable to folks who love them and although not as vivid in color as Akro sparklers, there is something about them that I just love!

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I agree, there is value there as the sparklers and swirls are becoming more sought after even here in the US. I am one whom searches for them. There are a few different styles of the Swirls other than the wire pulls and finding what I think are the good ones is rather difficult. I see a few in that lot that I would like to add to my collection. I will post three swirls each a different type and some of the best that I have found. A couple similar to some in that group. The second is a near 1 inch shooter and the only one like it i have seen.




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Okay, i bid again and got it^^ I will post some pictures when tehy arrive

I would ask the seller to package the steelies separately so they don't damage the glass marbles. Maybe remove them from the shipment altogether.

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Today is a good day! :D

The marbles just arrived and i took some photos after is sorted them out. Take a look! There where some interesting looking cateyes with alternating ribbons and two with a cross-like ribbon.

The Euro swirls are just great! The big one has 0,91".

At last, i got this handmade blue-based swirl which has some damages... it has a small band a little inside the marble... hard to see on the pics... would you call that a submarine?





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I think many would call it a type of banded transparent and some may even throw out the transparent Indian name but I do not like that name. A submarine should have more like submerged panels although a few strands under the surface would certainly get a few sellers on ebay calling it a Submarine. It is a beauty for sure, too bad about the condition.

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