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So I was doing a little research and discussing rare pelts with a friend. As I was googling rare pelts I came across a name I didn't recognize "green goblin". When I found a pic, it resembled a green lantern but with the addition of purple to the mix. Upon further reading, I saw that some believed there to be only 3 of these known to exist in the marble collectors world!?!

My friend then passed along a photo of some pelt rarities (the photo came from Chuck Garrett, she said). It contained a green goblin along with a few others I've never heard of! Such as "seller's dream", "silver surfer", and " sun dragon". Just wondering if there is a count on any of these as well? Or if they are just one of a kind examples?

Sorry can't post the photo right now. I'm at work, and an unable to post pics with iPhone. Maybe Steph will see this and help me out! Lol

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Wow wow wow! That is one outstanding color combo!!!

Do you think it was meant to be made this way?? Or was it just a few error marbles that came out of the end/beginning of a green lantern run?

Another question... If there are only 3, who named them? Or any of the rare ones? I understand how the mainstream runs were nicknamed, but these rarer ones, are they newly named?

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Q: Do you think it was meant to be this way??

A: Not sure. Wish i knew the answer.

Q: If there are only 3, who named them?

A: I believe a peltier collector named Bruce Lockheart (r.i.p) named it that if i'm not mistaken. And he sold his to Clyde T. if im not mistaken on that as well. It was just a name used between the people who had them, whether the name sticks or not is up to the marble community. It's probably safer to call it a green lantern variation so that future collectors don't get confused in my opinion. Some of the names in Chuck's photo are newer, the ones he made up are phantom superman and sun dragon, not sure about sellers dream. The "clear superman" is usually referred to as a "fruit cocktail" although clear superman sounds much better. The rest i believe to be older names.

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