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Black And Orange... For Steph


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I think you mentioned these in my "welcome" post. They are rather stunning...

And, as I spend more time with "all my marbles" I realize that although I originally separated them generally by color, there is so much more to them and I will need to do some re-categorizing.

For instance, the one on the lower left really doesn't go with the others.post-3830-0-61254200-1452552977_thumb.jp

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I get an Akro feel from this view of the lower left one.

The larger one also stands out as different -- more views could be helpful for that one.

I'm going to wait for some of the others to comment on the main group of swirls. They look older than I first thought .... but I can't quite place them. Seems like something someone else might quickly pin down though.

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The big one is the one I'd most likely think of as modern if I saw it standing alone.

For that one and the others which look like a matched set, I'm going to wait for some of the Alley and Christensen Agate people to see if they recognize them as one of their own. :)

*entering lurk mode*


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Additional views of the other "oddball" at the lower left. When I originally sorted these marbles I merely went by general color/style. NOW that I am delving deeper, I am starting to see the differences.

Not only this THIS one more "colorful" than the others, it is "used" and duller.




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