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Joe Street :(


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I just noticed on Joe's facebook page that the news I had been dreading had been posted.  

It appears that he lost his battle with cancer on January 29.  He leaves a big, inspiring family and many friends -- and he helped many marble collectors with Joemarbles.com.    

Here is his obituary. 




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Sad to hear this. I had no idea he was fighting cancer. He was a good man and a big help to marble collectors. Always a helping hand any way he could. Lots of smiles, easy going, never a bad word about anyone. 

Rest in peace Joe

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Oh my!  I just found his marble site about a month or two ago and even watched a YouTube video that "Joe Marbles" put out.  I got a lot out of his resources. I'm sure the marble collecting community is feeling his loss.  Sending my deepest sympathy to his family and friends.  I didn't know him personally, but I can see that he was a passionate person from the way he shared his knowledge with all.

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