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Putting big marble claw casters to use

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17 hours ago, I'llhavethat1 said:

So they're not packed up in a box anymore

Good stuff!

I wonder how many of us has some of theses packed away?

I turned some into curtain rod ends.



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18 hours ago, I'llhavethat1 said:

I needed an extra couple inches to clear some rough-ins (work in progress, lol, don't mind the mess).  So they're not packed up in a box anymore, plus they function way better than I expected! 


Great post Illhavethat1!

I would love to see some more of these used in specific ways:wub:. Show us what you have and be inspired by what you see.

Speaking of claw feet!
I could not pass on this one. The Ebay seller was smart enough to hook me into it calling it a marble holder:dunno: he/she got me.

I have no idea what the original purpose was.
It has a kind of bisque ware feel to it. It is finished with my biggest corkscrew @ 1-3/8”—What else :confused-smileys-327:.



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Those big clear ones look like they were made with the same process as the clear marbles in antique Codd bottles. If you've ever noticed, the codd bottle marbles are also made in a similar fashion as to the more modern Czech bullet mold marbles, except the Codd bottle ones and these appear to have pontil marks obviously unlike the bullet mold marbles. 

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