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  1. Butt Cracks

    Did someone say........
  2. Help me with Oxblood....

    CAC did not use oxblood and I believe that is what your marble is. The loop you see may be a tight "turkey head". thanks
  3. Nice find. Your marble appears to have what is known as a "ghost" core. thanks
  4. caramel slag ID with impurities

    I'd go with MFC based on the color, the "9" and long "tail", the impurities in the glass, and the cut/shear line which can be seen a little better in scobby's avatar. thanks
  5. 3 different styles, 3 different greens and all glow; will you tell me which is what please? thanks
  6. I would question the bag also.
  7. Might be worth a look. http://www.auctionzip.com/cgi-bin/auctionview.cgi?lid=2773400&fe=1876221&txtSearchKeywords=marbles&txtSearchZip=44310&idxSearchCategory=0&txtSearchRadius=0