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32 minutes ago, Steph said:

That's an oh-so-beautiful puzzle piece maybe falling into place, but still some missing pieces around it.

Since Milky Oxbloods are so different from Silver, I didn't have a good idea of what they might be called or when they might have been made/sold.  I have seen silver in original packaging, but only had a "maybe" (that I can recall) on milky.  

Now ... do we have ads showing Hy-Grade .... trying to recall ....  

"One of these days" I need to make a big poster on my wall to help me keep all this stuff in place. I have a better than average memory much of the time, but lately it needs some help. 

I figured this might get the researcher in you intrigued. =}

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Got my first oxblood the other day. :lol:

(is this called a Tri-Colored Agate?)



And... are those tiny little streaks "eyelashes"?


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Eyelashes are typically a little longer coming  from the seam outward. Here is a pic that I use to show lashes, although you won't typically find this many. 

patches 011.JPG

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