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Gotta be a Tri-Color Agate.  

I don't think it would be called rare, but don't see 'em everyday.


That is a beautiful spiral in red and white no matter what you call it.

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On ‎10‎/‎1‎/‎2018 at 8:35 PM, Mr Meteorite said:

This is 63/64", basically an inch


Not sure what, I have a couple ideas of possibilities, but not sure what, it's Akro, there's ox, but anyone know what it is?

Would it be rare to be 1", not to mention mint condition



Gorgeous marble, I love those layers of brown, but I get a pretty strong Vitro vibe from this one.


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On 6/16/2007 at 3:07 AM, Steph said:

(click pix to enlarge)

Here's an ad Dani showed in a fire opal discussion. It also has many Akro cartons. Note the descriptions of what each should contain, at least at that time.


No. 32 carton:


One from Marblealan:


Another, possibly from Block:


Dani's ad seem to say that there was originally a formula for how to fill these. So far I haven't found one which matches the formula. Though it's possible than these have been backfilled, it is also very easy to believe that the formula turned out to be too inconvenient. This one appears to have more corks than the other 2. So it might come closer to fitting the pattern in Dani's ad but I don't see a cardinal red or any other onyx. That might be an Imperial on the bottom right.

No. A-16, I think from Block:


Omgosh Steph.
So after collecting Akro marbles for years, I just purchased my first Akro box a couple weeks ago, and was going to start looking here to find out what kind of marbles were actually in the box as sold. 
From the pictures here, it looks like these marbles match your photos, especially Alan's! 
Here are the marbles from my No, 32 carton:


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I have some more I'd like to add, if you're still collecting photos Steph:


1. Transparent and opaque Green cork on a dark transparent Red base

2. Yellow on a wispy, bubbly Blue base

3. a Blueblood

4. a Green and true Black cork (a VERY thin layer of Ox over the Black, really only visible with a loupe, which I finally have)

5. UV reactive Popeye

6. a Blue and Gray cork on a translucent base (with flash, and without flash)

7. Orange, Cream, and dark Blue on a translucent base, it took me a long time to find one of these.

8. Oxblood on a butterscotch/cream color base

Transparent Green on transparent Red 19_32 R.jpg

Yellow on transparent Blue 21_32.jpg


Green and true Black 2.jpg

UV Popeye.jpg

Blue and Gray R.jpg

Orange Cream and Dk Blue R2.jpg

Butterscotch and Ox R.jpg

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I thought these could have their own post.

Cobalt and White on a translucent base, they average about 1" in size.

The bottom left one corks in the opposite direction from the rest, I thought that was pretty cool.

Edit: There are two separate photos, one above and one below, but both are of the same six shooters and in the same order, showing both 'poles'.

Cobalt and White Cork Shooters R.jpg

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1. Blue and Green on a transparent Red base

2. Green Spiral

3. a transparent Orange Snake on clear base

4. Orange and Black cork on Moss base

5. Orange cork on an unusual translucent Red base

6. Red and Brown lazy cork shooters 15/16"

7. Yellow and darker Green on a light Green base. Extremely difficult to find.

8. Yellow and White cork on a transparent Blue base (although at certain angles it looks like the base could be clear)


Thanks for looking!


Blue and Green on transparent Red R.jpg

Twisty Green Spiral R.jpg

Transparent Orange Snake R.jpg

Orange Moss cork R.jpg

5-8 inch translucent red orange cork R.jpg

15-16 inch red R.jpg

Yellow on Green Prize Name.jpg

Yellow White on Blue snake R.jpg

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1. UV reactive Brown cork 

2. Periwinkle corks on translucent base

3. Brown, Black, and White cork

4. not sure what to call this one, but it looks like someone tried to blend all the colors and this is the result. Many annealing fractures, but still a favorite.

UV brown Ace corkscrew2R.jpg

lt blue on transluscent R.jpg

Brown R.jpg

Muddy 2 R.jpg

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1. Yellow cork on a transparent Teal base, almost always fractured. I think Dani Kirk has one that isn't fractured.

2. Blue/Gray cork on a brilliant Orange 

3. Brown, Red, Green, and White on a bubbly Amber base

4. Light Blue Spiral, could pass for a Snake 



fractured yellow cork on teal base R.jpg

Orange Blue R.jpg

Brown cork R.jpg

Lt Blue Snake R.jpg

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