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  1. Yeah, I'm not sure if they are hybrid or not either. Closer pics would help confirm/deny. Brown is a common blend between the yellow and green on those.
  2. Yes, typo... the K is next to the L and I hit it by mistake.
  3. I agree, that's a rainbo. It's not the NLR type.
  4. Another akro popeye bottom right. You might have found your example of weak oxblood in the marble top right corner... small mib of white with thin brick colored lines. That's an akro. Center frame, bottom row, 5th from right might possibly be a vitro cosmic rainbow, not sure. I'm just naming ones of significance. There are a couple nice pekt mcs and patches there too.
  5. Take pics of different angles of the marbles in groups of 3 or so. Try to show every place where you see the ribbons end. This is called the seam or cut line and is very helpful in providing information as to who made the marble.
  6. There are 2 of more significance here, both are akro popeyes. The blue/yellow/white/clear at 7:00 or so, and the one like it at 2:30 or so with green in place of the blue. Both types of corkscrews. Check the marble touching the green/yellow popeye at 8:00 with the green bubbly clear. See if it has red on it as well... might be a pelt clown but I don't think so.
  7. Not much of significance there. The yellow/blue/clear pelt MCS I'd pick out of that, and maybe the red and white one under it because it looks like it could possibly be a transitional.
  8. It's beat up glass. Wounded warrior!
  9. The red/black/blue swirl on the far right is a modern chinese import.
  10. I don't think I see any oxblood here, but there are some good marbles here, better than silver oxbloods. Those pelts in the top right segment need more pics. I'm thinking there is at least one superman there (value) and maybe some more in the same family. There might be a rebel there, not sure. Maybe also a flaming dragon. Take more pics of those showing different views. The ones under the shooters on the left, the red, black, white one and the red, white, blue one need more pics. They might be good ones. The segment to the right of those is a mix of stuff, maybe a pelt sunset, a vitro phantom conqueror, etc...
  11. A mix of akro and peltier patches.
  12. Top segment is hard to ID... some swirls and maybe a 6 ribbon rainbo? Second segment is master brushed patches. Last segment looks like benningtons.
  13. The big one on the left looks like a vitro parrot. In the top segment you have a vitro and a couple swirls mixed in with the pelts.
  14. Also the yellow/clear one on the border on the right is an akro corkscrew called a snake. The red one below it has a vacor look, but it could also be an akro, depending on more pics of it.
  15. Top two sections are akro corkscrews. The B/W patches under the corks on the left are peltier peerless patches (PPP) and the translucent ones might be realers. The one by itself in that section with the PPPs might be an akro or something else. To the right of those are more corkscrews. Next section down and to the left is a group of akro popeyes, possibly one that is hybrid. To the right of those are some corks, maybe all. The yellow ones in the bottom left segment look to be mostly pelts with maybe an akro moss agate or two mixed in. The bottom right is a group of West Virginia swirls that look to be most or all Alleys.
  16. That's a weird one! Looks mostly vitro to me, but being dug and having ox and akro-ish looking seams... ???
  17. So far every time I get enough of them that I'm wondering what to do with them, someone who is new at collecting comes along with a desire to grab all the old marbles they can get for learning, so I give them away to people like that.
  18. I'm not an authority, so this may not be accurate. My take is... on that one shown... I'd have said the patch was veneered over the base. Looks like this one has some issue with the expansion/contraction coefficient of the glass and it shows how it was a thin veneer over the base where it separated. I think of veneer in woodworking terms. Like particle board with oak veneer over it. It's a thin layer, usually of a preferred material, bonded over a base of lesser quality or less desired base material. In furniture, you could have a piece made of oak, with the oak being the main part of the piece, but with other contrasting woods veneered over the oak in certain places for decoration and contrast, and to save money by not having to construct the entire piece from the higher quality wood.. much the same as it is in marbles. With wood, it's usually done with an adhesive. With glass, it is melted together, which I would assume occasionally lets some blend with the matrix just like welding metal or any materials that are melted together. This would likely be exaggerated by how hot the two molten materials are when they are introduced to each other. I'm not familiar with how this was done by the marble makers though and I don't know if the term can be applied in marbles the same as it is in furniture. Conquerors, as far as I can tell, are basically a clear marble with a colored patch and some white veneered or somehow laid on the surface to decorate it. Similar to an all-red over a white base or a master with a thick brushed patch. I have some that had the color flake off just like the marble shown a couple posts up. I'll have to pull out the vitro box and look at them closer. On veneered marbles, does the marble get made and then a veneer is applied over it? Or was the marble made all at once? I never thought about defining what is truly veneered and what is not until now.
  19. So the entire base of the marble should be covered with another glass to be a veneer? I know they aren't veneered in the same sense that some MKs were, but I still figured veneered would be the best description of how the color and white are on the base glass. Of course I based that on nothing more than my own judgement, so it is quite possibly incorrect. Maybe even likely,
  20. I do. Not the phantom conqs, but the regular conquerors are veneered in my opinion. What makes them not fit the category?
  21. I would think "bead" for the first one. Not sure what the second is.
  22. It looks mostly like Ravenswood to me the way the ribbons run, but could easily be alley. Pretty sure it's one or the other.
  23. Nice onionskin! It will lose a lot of value if you repair it (as in making it less than half of what it's worth now). It's in good enough condition to display well like it is and many serious collectors don't want polished marbles. (note: I have a couple polished ones... so either I'm not serious, or I don't fit that category). The ones I have that are polished were un-presentable... damaged beyond any collectibility to the point of not being able to tell what was inside the glass.
  24. Steph, on the abalone...I've been told that the ones around the center one have a similar to abalone appearance, but it was caused by being buried. I was told the actual abalone one in the center was made that way off the rollers. It is definitely a little different. It has an almost metallic look, but with an oily rainbow color sheen to it, sort of like looking at light shining on a music CD.
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