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  1. The NLR reference was about the tan and red marble outside the bag in the first pic, down by the onionskin. Still wondering what it's called if it has a name.
  2. cheese

    Old Or New

    That sure looks like a match there!
  3. cheese

    Old Or New

    I agree with old, but who made it? The glass looks like champion or maybe alley? Tough one to ID.
  4. Nice! I don't think I could bring myself to open the bag, but if I did, I think I'd lift the paper label up as far as I could and use a razor blade to cut a careful small slit just big enough to pop out the marble under the paper so you can't see it without lifting the label. I don't know what the tan and red NLR is called, burnt zebra sounds good to me. Chuck G. (The other Chuck... the Pelt guru) knows, I'm sure!
  5. Peltier NLR on left versus Rainbo on right:
  6. Nice, I didn't know vacor made some that close!
  7. You're right, in hand it would be more obvious. The brown/red ribbon is actually transparent in that marble. The white base glass makes it look a lot like the ones on the left in the picture. That marble is an Alley from Pennsboro.
  8. Oxblood is something newbies have a hard time grasping it seems, so this might help in that respect, or it might muddy the water more ... but these are oxblood on the left, not oxblood on the right. I tried to pick some that are not oxblood, but commonly are confused with oxblood because of the color. Some of the oxbloods on the left are very thick heavy oxblood, and some are thin.
  9. I take back that they aren't CACs. I can't tell, the other pic looks like they could be. I'd make a thread with those alone, with close pics from several angles. Nice PPPs Steph... I love the pearl! I haven't lucked up on one of those yet. Edit: I goofed around too long making this reply and Steph already posted the bigger pic. I'm going with CAC. I don't know why they didn't look like it from the other pics, but now I see it in those pics too.
  10. They aren't CACs, but I'm not sure what they are either. The colors look like they could have akro colors, but don't really look like akros. Might wanna take more pics of them. I love that row of peltier NLRs and the top right red/white/black one in the first pic is also an NLR rebel.
  11. Here are some others that look alike. CAC on the left, Pennsboro Alley on the right.
  12. Here's a common mistake... Vacor serpent (modern) on left, Peltier Superman on right.
  13. Akro patches on right versus Peltier Peerless Patches on left.
  14. Ok, I'm not an expert, but this is how I understand it. Glass is colored by adding chemicals. Those chemicals don't necessarily have the color that it makes the glass, but they make the glass that color (cobalt added to make blue, for instance). Glass isn't pigmented with dye. When, for example, a blue glass mixes with a yellow glass, the chemicals react. The two don't mix like dyes, they mix like compounds in chemistry. They make a new compound, often which is turns to a brown, black, or grey. If one color is pulled thinly over another but not mixed, it can look like the mix that you would get if you were mixing dyes (yellow and blue make green)... but if the two actually blend or touch enough, they can react and create a thin line of the reacted chemicals... usually a dark dull color. That is why so often your blue, yellow, and green based marbles have a thin line of dark bordering the contrasting color. The same thing happens in ceramics. Glaze on ceramics is colored glass that has been crushed to powder. This is suspended in a "paint" and brushed on, then the piece is fired in a kiln hot enough to melt the glass powder back into a glass coating. If you look at where a piece is glazed and two colors overlap, they normally make a dull color that isn't really the expected result of the other two colors combined.
  15. Well, I defer to your judgement about CACs. I'd be interested to know who did make it then.
  16. Cool, feel free. Glad I could help! Yeah, the colors are so dense or saturated on CACs. Often when you see a CAC, it stands out like it's in HD. The edges of the colors are crisp and the colors are strong.
  17. Wow. I could pass an entire rainy day right there in front of that cabinet!
  18. If it helps to see both alley and CAC side by side, Alley on right, CAC on left:
  19. Here is some cullet from Cambridge that might help... or not I see the "thorn" show up again on the little piece of cullet: And some cullet, also from CAC, that shows how clear the glass can be:
  20. I think the difference between mine and Matts is just the difference in time of production. I imagine every time they ran this color combo, they didn't exactly match the batch they ran a couple months or years before. I imagine they could have changes in characteristics due to temp changes, changes in the glass they got from their suppliers, tweaks and repairs made to the machinery, efforts to cheapen the process, etc... Just my speculation.
  21. CAC made a similar one, but the green and red were very opaque and little to no bleed between the colors or clear in the matrix if I remember right. Plus the ribbon looks different. I have one or two I can dig out I think.
  22. CAC had some really crystal clear glass too, without bubbles.
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