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It's February!!! What's Orange???


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Well thanks to Bo for the brilliant choice of a perfect 'changing of the month' black-to-orange transitional marble! (Transitional in the non-marble person sense of the word)

And to Ric for the firey orange mib, and the very Alan-like photo. (Big compliment!) So technically perfect, thorough and balanced that even when you choose to do what's essentially an ID photo it becomes a work of art.

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I didn't think orange was going to be a good color, but these have all been outstanding.

I usually tend toward really vibrant simple graphics, like Alan's Akros here.

Maybe that's why I'm so surprised to have had a similar reaction to Barb. Swirljunky's marble is so incredibly delicate and beautiful.

And the pattern on Lou's is actually moving! Cheers, Bob

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